Sunday, August 5, 2012

In Hopes and Happiness

Hellooooo!!! I am starting the first day of blogging on The Sumiyya Files over in hopes that I will eventually get someone that reads and maybe even subscribes.

About Me - A little info goes a long way:

I am Muslim

My hobbies are reading, writing poetry and songs and sometimes short stories, singing, taking pictures of nature, being in nature, crocheting, knitting, playing computer games, video games, and mmorpgs, and relaxing.

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and 2 parents all of whom I love twice as much as anyone else(Silly joke, hope you get it)

My favorite color is pink, purple or light blue(can't decide), but I like black and white as a color combo. My second favorite color combo is black and red. 

Fun Facts:

My name is the same as the name of the first martyr for the cause of Islam(peace be upon her)

The picture I have for my background, I shot and edited myself using instagram. My username is trueblue4u.

I've read about a thousands book in my entire 15 years and one month(exactly one month as it is August 5th).

I used to live in South Africa.

I do not know how to type but I "type" pretty fast. 

So right now I am blogging, while playing fashion story on my iPod, while trying to enter a Summer Read-a-Thon with the Young Adult book club on goodreads. Oh, I am also fasting as it is the month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a little more than halfway over. It's gone by so fast. So has this year. I feel like I didn't get to do anything I wanted to this Summer. And that's almost over too. Well that's about it for now.

Signing off,

Sumiyya <3