Friday, May 15, 2015

Friendship Bracelets

Ahlan wa Sahlan on this beautiful Friday afternoon/evening! 

Now I know what you're thinking: "It's not Frida afternoon/evening, it's Friday morning " 

Well, then I'd have to correct you and share the exciting news: I moved to Saudi Arabia!! Finally! And here it is indeed currently the afternoon/evening time. 

I know I haven't posted in a while and I should really update on everything that's happened in that while but I'll save that for a later date and get back to today's blog theme. 

I started thinking about this topic a couple of days ago while I was making some friendship bracelets via friendship bracelet wheel, which makes it so much easier and less time consuming which was perfect for me because I had barely a week. Or so I thought. 

The reason why I was making these friendship bracelets to begin with is because I went over to one family's house for the second time. They're Egyptian, they live next to the gym(which they own), and they are super nice. While we(my sisters and I) were at their house, the oldest girl, Asila(if that's how her name is spelled), was making beaded bracelets that just threw me back to some simultaneously awesome and not-so-awesome times. Her bracelets were very pretty as we could see by the ones she'd already made and had on her arm. When she finished the bracelet she was working on, she tied it off and gave it to Sakina which was so nice. Then she gave the ones she had on to me and Laila, although we were a little reluctant to accept seeing as they were hers and it just didn't seem right to take them from her. But we did and they are adorable and we love them. Here's a picture of mine:

So, I was so happy that she had given the bracelets to us that I said that I would make some bracelets for all those girls as well. I actually even ended up making one for their mom. Well, actually I didn't. Laila did because I asked her to help and that was the one she chose to do. Here are all the finished bracelets that Laila and I made. 

From Left to Right it's: Asila's, the middle girl's, the youngest girl's, and their mom's

No, I don't know the others' names except I think their mom's name is Mero. Maybe. That's what her Facebook says(she added me and Laila)

So, anyway, the whole friendship bracelet thing got me thinking about how I first learned how to make friendship bracelets. 

I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Partly to visit a family we sorta know and also, according to my father, so that he could try to get a job there. The oldest girl, who I shall call Z, was making friendship bracelets while we were there and I, being a craft lover, wanted to know how to make them as well. Also, I was trying to think of anything to talk about with her. Truth be told, she wasn't making it easy. So she taught me and Laila how to do it and gave us the yarn in order to make one. However, either her instructions weren't that great or we were just so horrible at it that she didn't want to say anything because our bracelets looked wonky as ever and she kept saying we were doing it right. -___- 

I want to pause and say that I'm not the type to bash people. I'm just pointing out some facts. Also, I really wanted to be friends with her and everything but she just really didn't seem to like us so maybe that could've been part of the reason she didn't seem to give a care what our bracelets looked like. But, maybe I misunderstood her. Also, I haven't seen her in years and I hope that she's doing well InshaAllah and that her family is doing well too. 

Anyway, back to my story. So when we got back home(to Ohio) and we went to the library, I immediately checked out some books on how to make friendship bracelets because A. I was pretty intrigued and B. I had forgotten all her instructions and I had no idea what I was doing. So I poured over the books learning the instructions again and started making a whole bunch of friendship bracelets. Then I ended up getting some embroidery floss which turned out to be way less bulky than the yarn I'd been using and since then I've been making friendship bracelets when the mood strikes me. I actually made 2 or 3 for one of my old best friends and 2 for her little sister. When I moved to NC and was actually able to meet her and go to Sunday School with her, I noticed that she was wearing them all. Which was fine by me :D I wonder if she still wears them...

Btw, funny story. Making friendship bracelets is actually how my pajama pants became totally unwearable even though I wore them anyway. I had read that to keep the bracelet steady, you could pin it to your jeans. So I would do that. One time, however, I was wearing my pajama pants and thought: "Maybe I could pin it to these as well" or something along those lines. I found out the hard way that no, pajama pants are not optimal for friendship bracelet making and, in doing so, put a tiny hole in the knee of my pajama pants. They then got messed up even further when I used a different safety pin to pin the hole closed so I could still make salaat in those pajama pants. So my pajama pants had even more holes in the knee. Those holes got huger over time and if you saw how my pajama pants looked by the time I got rid of them(which was actually just this year when I finally got new pajamas) you would die from laughter. So yeah, I had holey pajama pants for about 5-6 years and I wore them faithfully. Now I have cute black and white striped pajama pants which feel so soft and comfortable and I couldn't wish for better pajamas. They also have pockets which is cool. 

Anyway, that's it for today. Hope you're having an awesome day, whoever is reading this. 

Signing off for now, sayonara, annyeong, bye, adiĆ³s, au revoir, ma'a salaama!!!

Sumiyya <3