Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy 5 Ranch

I decided to do two blogs today because I really wanted to talk about a filed trip we went on last week and it was to a place called Lazy 5 Ranch.

It was so awesome! Lazy 5 Ranch is basically a ranch but it's also kinda like a zoo because they have giraffes and ostriches and emus and kangaroos there too. 

When we went there we got to feed animals, play on a hay castle and in a corn pen(like a ball pen), and go on a wagon ride where we fed even more animals. It was really fun. Here're some pictures from the day:

So basically this is a blog full of pictures. I really wish I had a camera that way I could take way better pictures but I don't unfortunately.

So that's it for this two blog special. 

Signing off for now, bye, ma'a salaama, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, annyeong!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, October 21, 2013


You know, I've been lately realizing that I don't really have a lot of friends. I mean, I've always known this it's just kinda getting to me now. I guess it's the whole "high schooler" thing. Maybe it isn't, maybe I just want friends.

However, I also realized that though I may not have a lot of friends, I do have friends that count. So today this post is dedicated to friendship. 

To the friends I have come to know and love, to the one friend I've always had, to the new friends I have yet to know, to those that are my friends from the sidelines because they're too shy to actually talk to me(I don't think there's anyone like that but just in case), to the friends I never made due to my own shyness, and even to those who didn't necessarily seem like they wanted to be my friend when I tried: I love you all! XOXO Kisses and hugs to you all. 

You have all affected me in some way and I'm grateful to have each and every one of you. 

That concludes this Monday blog so signing off for now, bye, annyeong, salaams, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, and to all my friends and any readers out there: I love you, 사랑해요, أحبكم, 愛して, Te amo, Je t'aime all! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, October 14, 2013

Home is Where the Crazies Are

Hello there!

So my father came back yesterday. As you know if you've read my previous blog  posts, he's been in Kuwait. Kuwait didn't exactly work out the way he wanted it to so he's back. I'm unsure as to whether he's leaving again at the end of the month or if he's leaving again in January. I shall find out soon InshaAllah(god willing). 

So last night when he came back he was a little jet-lagged and sorta crazy(as said by my mother). He didn't have souvenirs for us unfortunately. All I got was a box that was previously used to hold his oil. The box is pretty and everything but still: a box? However I'm happy nonetheless. 

Btw, here's the box: 
Yeah, I know, the pictures dark. I'm feeling too lazy to edit it. 

I'm actually being lazy as well as feeling it. I'm currently snuggled in my blanket all comfy, laying on my right side,  and I have my iPod in my right hand just thumb-typing away. I also have Mr. Pepe in my arms, somewhat held in my left hand. 

Mr. Pepe is a sock puppet given to me by my Korean penpal. I have no idea what he is supposed to be and I have no idea why he is a he and why I've named him Mr. Pepe. I actually might change his name but I haven't come up with a good enough, totally fitting one. 

Here's Mr. Pepe: 
Next to him are the socks he was made out of. I'm unsure as to why she sent them to me. I'm thinking either so that I can match with Mr. Pepe or so that I can make another one if I'd like. I've decided to go with the former. 

OMG, I just realized something! Today we switch cleaning areas and so I'm now on the kitchen, what?! This sucks :(( I guess I'll just continue to be lazy then. 

Signing off for now, au revoir, adiós, ma'a salaama, sayonara, peace and love, byeeee!!!

Sumiyya <3

P.S. In my last blog I was majorly excited about the awards ceremony. Well I didn't win. Neither did  either of the two of my siblings that entered as well. It was a pretty big disappointment but I'm okay with it now. You win some, you lose some but no matter what you gotta keep moving on. That's a quote by me. Feel free to take and post it with quotation marks and my name afterwords, I'd be so honored. XD 

Monday, October 7, 2013


Okay so if you didn't know by the title I'm totally flipping out about the awards ceremony. It's in Just. Three. Days. and I'm freaking out so hard. I really really hope to win. Or that Laila or Jawad wins. InshaAllah at least one of us will. I'll be so happy as long as it's one of us.

So besides flipping out about the awards ceremony, I've been getting ready for Eid. It's in 9 days. On Saturday there was an Eid Bazaar and people sold stuff and I got my mendhi(henna) done and everything and it's really pretty. I hope it lasts until at least the awards ceremony.   

Another thing that's exciting: Abi will be coming back on the 13th! Right in time to A. Celebrate if we win, and B. Spend Eid with us. 

So I've got three events lined up each 3 days apart. It's so exciting and I can't wait and I swear to you my stomach has butterflies bouncing off of it. Maybe even reproducing and having more bounce off of it.(Cue the eww) :D

That's about it, I think. Oh, yeah, at the Eid bazaar I also got a strawberry soap(for free!) and peppermint incense which I loooove!!!

So yeah, that's all, signing off for now with my awkward half knowledge of other language's goodbyes, bye, annyeong, sayonara, ma'a salaama, adiós, au revoir!!! 

Sumiyya <3