Monday, July 29, 2013

Apprenticeship Day 1

So today was the very first day if the apprenticeship.

First we started getting ready to go at 9 but since we hadn't pre-planned our outfits it took us an hour to get everything together and get out the house. 

Next we drove downtown to the Miles Interior Design Studio. Then we stood around kinda awkwardly as Rita Miles introduced us to her workers and got us situated on what we were supposed to do.  

Then for the next 4 hours, we did our apprenticing job which I must say was dead boring. Our tasks were to go through a book that listed information on certain bridal shops and find our their email addresses and log the Name, Email, Phone, and Website in Microsoft Excel. Then we had to sign their email up to receive the Charlotte Seen newsletter(I'm not sure but this seems borderline illegal to me). So Jawaad did the looking up, I did the filling in info to Microsoft Excel, and Laila did the newsletter signing up. After a while it got so boring and tiring that we were like: "As soon as we finish 50, we're taking a break!" 

Luckily, when we'd finished 50, we called our mother and she was on her way back to come get us. So she came, we headed back and fell asleep on the way home. Then when we got home we all took some sort of rest(mine was just to curl up in the fetal position and read City of Glass). 

So yeah, that was it. The first day of our apprenticeship. My mother wants us to pre-plan our outfits this time but it's so hard! 

Anyway, signing off for now, bye!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

P.S. Here's a picture I took of us at our apprentice job(edited on Instagram of course(btw check out @sosweetlyamazing97 and @trueblue4u)): 

Friday, July 26, 2013

OOTD: Outfit of the Day!

So as you know if you've been reading my blog, I sometimes share what outfit I have on if I feel that that outfit is amazing or just needs to be shared. Today is one of those days. Here goes!

The top is a Spense sleeveless blue shirt with thick black straps and a black band around the bottom. Here's a picture I took of it: 
Anyway, I got this shirt at a thrift store a week or two ago for $7.00 That's pretty cheap but not cheap for a thrift store. However, I love it so I don't care. This shirt feels so soft and it flows like liquid. 

I'm wearing a black Wrapper faux wrap skirt. My mother got this skirt for my sister but I'm wearing it because the skirt she got me is XL and I haven't been XL for a while so it doesn't fit properly. Anyway, I don't know the price of course since my mother got it, not me. 

I am also wearing Solo Wear leggings that I've talked about before and they were also bought from the thrift store but a while ago. 

For accessories I am wearing two hijab scarfs in the colors blue and black. They match perfectly with the shirt! 

I am also wearing black and blue socks and black fingerless gloves with lace on them and a bow:

For makeup(which I wear mostly only to accessorize my outfits), I am wearing blue and black eyeshadow, mascara(because my lashes got dusted in blue), and kohl liner: 

The blue looks darker and less silvery  irl and it matches my shirt as well. 

So yeah, that's my outfit of the day. Just felt like sharing because I absolutely love it! <3

Signing off for now, annyeong, sayonara, salaams, adios, au revoir, byeeee!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fashion Show Results

Oh, yeah, I know you've been waiting for the news. Yes, yesterday was the fashion show and what?



I won!!! 

Yeah, I won. I was one if the three winners at the Teen Fashion Apprentice Fashion Show Challenge. Yes, I know, that is a long name. 

So here's my outfit which was a stressful thing to finish but I did it! 

So yes, I know the pictures are quite blurry. I was trying to rush and take pictures so we could get out of there. Plus everyone else wanted to take pictures and stuff as well. 

Super special thanks to MyAsia(my model)! She let us glitter her up, order her around, dress her up and the like. Plus she had some badowl modeling skills that she may not have even known about. So even though I know she won't see this, thanks so much(again and again) MyAsia!! <3

So now you know. Signing off for now, byeeeee!!!

Sumiyya <3

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fashion Show, Giveaways, and My OOTD

"So what's been up in MyaLand?", you might've been wondering. Or not. Doesn't matter, I'm telling you anyways. :P

Well, first off: OMG, Teen Fashion Show is in two days!!! I've finished my outfit but I am doing some touch ups on it plus I need to finish my chip bag basket weave purse. I still don't have a model, waahh. TT_TT :(((( I really need to hurry up and find someone otherwise: no fashion show for me. My brother is the only one of us who has a model(lucky son of a gun). My outfit is looking really good though and it came out great and I'm just so happy and excited. 

Second things second: Giveaways. Need I say more? Yes? Oh, okay then. Well as you probably already know, I love free stuff(I mean who doesn't?). When your family is near dead broke like mine is, you have to take every chance you can get to possibly get something you want for free. So, what is it specifically about giveaways that I'm talking about? Well, I was on Instagram the other day and this one lady I follow is having a giveaway for Divine Hair Extensionz. I'm not really interested in that myself but I did notice that she added #giveaway. I thought "Hmm, if there's a hashtag for it, maybe I can find more giveaways through #giveaway." And find more I sure did. There were all kinds of giveaways on there, over 700,000 posts with #giveaway. I saw t-shirt giveaways, healthy cookie giveaways, purse giveaways, and most importantly: makeup giveaways! Sooo much makeup giveaways! I was so happy because makeup can get pretty expensive and I really would like different lip products and eyeshadow colors and brushes without having to pay a grip. And yes, I know, there are cheap products but a lot of other people's "cheap" is not my cheap. My cheap is dollar for everything. XD Not, really but $4-$8 for mascara is not what I consider cheap. So yeah, free or near free makeup is what I'm about. :D

My OOTD: So I have another outfit that I'd love to share with you, whoever you are, lol. :D 
Today I am wearing Black, White and Red. You see, black and white is my fave color combo and when you add a bold color in with it, it just pops even more, I love it! So for my black white and red ensemble I am wearing: A white shirt from Dots(same shirt i talked about last time coincidentally :)), A greyish black Bubblegum mini-skirt that I got from my great aunt that was originally her daughter's(who i guess would be considered my second cousin then), Laila's red hoodie, and Laila's and my black leggings(we share). 

So here's how I put it together: Shirt tucked into skirt(I never actually used to like tucking my shirts in because I had a tummy and it would pout over the pants or skirt and just be emphasized but I've lost weight since then(around 28 pounds! still a bit more to go though) so my stomach no longer pokes out or stands out unless I stuff myself silly :P), leggings under skirt, and hoodie tied around midsection right on top of the belt loops of the skirt. I might or might not add my Claire's socks but until I decide, sock-less my feet shall stay. :D
To cover my hair I'm wearing three scarfs(not that I need more than one, it's just fashion). Two are the square-ish shaped tube scarfs that look like this:

One is black and the other is white. The last scarf is just a regular scarf shape with fringe at the ends. It's sheer and red.

So yeah, that's my OOTD. I'm going to enjoy it for the rest of the day and maybe even tomorrow as well if I don't end up changing(Yes, I sleep in my clothes, deal with it :P)

So that's pretty much it for my update on my life. Signing off for now, salaams, au revoir, sayonara, adios, annyeong, byeeee!!!

Sumiyya <3 
P.S. In the course of writing this blog, Laila and I might have a model, yay! She'll be coming over today and she'll model for the both of us. Awesome, right?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sweet 16

So yeah, today was(is) my birthday. True to my words I freebied it up as hard as I could. I got a lot of happy birthday wishes and also I got $80 from my grandmother(Oh, Grandma, why do you spoil me so?). I'm happy though because that $80 is just what I've been needing as my sister and I are trying to get Simply Vera Vera Wang sneaker wedges which are pretty expensive at the moment.

Anyway, I turned 16. Speaking of 16, everyone's always like: Sweet 16! But is 16 all that sweet? Lately 16 is associated with craziness, pregnancy, and hormones. I don't want to be part of that! It's okay though, I don't think that I'll be that way InshaAllah(god willing).  

So all the 16-Dom speculating aside, today was actually a good day for me. Yesterday I finished my 20th juz(part) of the Quran. Today I went around getting freebies and just having fun. I'm feeling really good this week. 

I know this seems sorta off topic(if there was even a topic to begin with :P) but I love my family so much, my parents especially. They do so much for me, always there for me. I thank Allah for giving me the best family I could hope for. 

That's it for today so signing off, bye, salaams, ciao, au revoir, annyeong, sayonara, adios!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

P.S. I've been working on my outfit for the fashion show and it's coming together well so far. Just need to speed up the progress.