Monday, January 27, 2014

Sick Week

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh(full Islamic greeting meaning: Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God)!

Welcome to my weekly blog. You know, weekly sounds so boring. Bi-monthly, bi-annual, annual, all that sounds cool but weekly sounds well, weak.(pun totally intended :D)

Anyway, this past week has been my sick week. I think it started on either last Monday or Tuesday but I caught a dreadful cold and I believe I'm getting over it but I'm not sure. 

It started out as just a sore throat and then it worsened horribly to laryngitis and an even sorer throat, then a sore throat, a raspy voice and a blocked nose, then it's kinda been where it is now: kinda sore throat at times, lots of throat clearing and an on-again, off-again blocked nose. 

Anyway, here's how the my past week went: during the past week, my mom's cousin came over, my mom's cousin's husband made chocolate cake, my mom's cousin made killer guacamole, we smashed on fried broccoli, and I exercised and stayed sick and slacked on homework. 

Speaking of exercising, I might have mentioned it in my last blog but we started doing a whole bunch of monthly workout challenges including The Gorgeous Glutes Challenge, The 30 Day Ab Challenge, The Squat Challenge, The Back Challenge and a sort of treadmill challenge as we have a treadmill at my house of which to use. Btw, did you know that if you strut on a treadmill it works out your hips better? 

So today was the first weekly weigh in and I lost an okay amount. I plan to lose more(no more fried broccoli!) and my no candy until February thing is kinda helping. 

So basically that is it for this week's blog. InshaAllah(God-willing) I shall be less sick if not completely healthy by next week's blog.

Signing off for now, sayonara, annyeong, adiós, au revoir, bye, ma'a salaama! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, January 20, 2014

Showering Babies

Ahlan wa Sahlan wa Marhaban!

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower. The second baby shower I've ever been to. I still have the pictures from the first baby shower I went to:

Anyway, this baby shower was for my mom's other cousin and she's around the same age as the one who the other baby shower was for. 

It wasn't as huge this time but it was quite fun. We played Name That Baby Song, where we named songs with baby in the title and Baby Jeopardy. My mom set up both games and we helped a little but not so much that we knew the answers and weren't able to play. 

The baby-to-be is a boy and so everyone had to wear blue or green and a tie/bow-tie. A lot of people, including us, forgot the tie part though. 

So this time I didn't get any fancy pictures of the gifts or decorations because I myself was busy but I get little favors and all and I took a picture of those here at my house.

The boxes have candy in them, the little jars have a sugar scrub(brown jar) and a salt scrub(blue jar), there's a bookmark, a mustache pop, and two nail polishes(one is a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Blue Me Away and the other is a Klean Color nail polish in Aqua Blue), and the bow was not actually a favor but a decoration that I liked and was allowed to take. 

So yeah, I had fun and the trip was nice. 

Oh and on another note, today we measured ourselves and weighed ourselves because we're about to go hard on some month long challenges and eating right and all that. It's going to be quite a month. We're having a celebration after the month is over. It's on the 24th which is my mother's birthday but the celebration is not for her birthday, it's for her Fab at 40 plan. She turns 40 that day and she wants to be ultra fab(aka slim, healthy, rocking, and on her deen). So we're trying to really help her achieve that goal and if/when she does, we'll have a party for her. 

So that's pretty much it for my life update this week. 

Signing off for now to go do some late night homework, bye, annyeong, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, ma'a salaama! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, January 13, 2014

Making a Hat

Annyeong HaSeYo!

Today my blog is a bit short. I'm just talking a bit about a new knitting project I've been working on. 

So you remember this hat I made right? 

Of course you do!(I think)

Anyway, a sort of friend of mine saw it on Facebook and wanted one for her daughter so she asked me to make one that was pink and had a blue bow. 

So yesterday I ordered the bow and here's how the hat is looking so far.

I should be finish soon hopefully. 

So that's pretty much it for today's blog. Super short, I know. 

So, signing off for know, bye, salaams, adiós, au revoir, sayonara, annyeong!!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, January 6, 2014

Life in 2014, TAMIC is a No-Go and OOTD


Thought I'd actually start using different languages for my greeting. 

Anyway, it is 2014! Well it has been for about 6 days now. So much crazy stuff happened at the start of the year and I don't feel like getting into it over here because it'll take a long time and then this'll be a very long post. Let's just sum it up to say one of my neighbors got stabbed and my grandmother cussed out my uncle's wife. Check my twitter(@tw33tst4rS) for a bit more detail on the former(you might have to scroll down quite a bit). 

Anyway, the year hasn't really started off the best for me and I'm just hoping it'll get better because I had high hopes for this year. 

Btw, here's a list of my plans and goals for this year. There are a bit more and I'll list them below this picture.

1. Read Quran more
2. Do more ibaadat
3. Establish an exercise routine
4. Write in my diary more often 
5. Work to be less lazy
6. Have fun :)

There are other things I want done or that I want to accomplish just to be a better person you know? But I don't have to do all that this year, I'm just hoping I can get it established this year. 

Also, my brother is leaving soon. He'll be leaving this Thursday to go to Ohio to stay and go to college there. The packing and getting ready has been pretty mellow but my mom is also trying to change around some stuff so we'll be doing a lot of that after he leaves. Anyway, I know I'm not going to miss him right away but I will eventually miss him. Plus with my own moving to Virginia, I'm probably going to miss everyone(but Laila who'll be with me).  

So now about TAMIC. As you might know TAMIC is the Anime and Manga Interest Circle, a book club that I really like and really want to go to. A lot of the time, though(for example: today), I can't go. The library it's at is in a city half an hour to 45 minutes away. Going there takes up gas money and time so no one really likes to take me. Part of me is wondering whether I should just give up on it once and for all and focus my attention on other things. I probably should. That way I won't be so disappointed nearly every 1st and 3rd Monday. 

As for my OOTD. Today my look is something I call Punk Pixie. I really should wear more Punk Pixie outfits. Anyway for my shirt I am wearing a black shirt that has pretty lace on it. It's from the brand Made 4 Me 2 Look Amazing. I absolutely love this shirt. I'm wearing a skirt that is light blue and white and it's asymmetrical and knee length. This is the more "pixie" part of my outfit. And I'm also wearing my black leggings that are pretty much plain but have studs in the shape of pockets on the butt. For accessories I simply wore my blue, fishnet fingerless gloves. Since it was cold, I wore my black hoodie for a greater part of the day and the hoodie with the gloves gave the more "punk" part of my outfit. So yeah, that's my OOTD. 

That's pretty much it, hope you're having a great year so far. 

Signing off for now, 

Sumiyya <3