Monday, August 26, 2013

Epic Fails of my Childhood

Hey Beautiful! Even if you're a guy and you happen upon this blog the greeting of today will still be "Hey Beautiful!" So accept the compliment. 
Today I was going to catch you up on last week and also share my disappointment for not being able to go to the volunteer meeting yesterday but I thought "Why? That's so boring! No one wants to hear all that." So instead I will be sharing a little epic fails from my childhood. Not all of these are my epic fails but my siblings' as well. 

1. My Own Fail
One time when I was around 8 or 9 I was really hungry and I wanted something to eat. I think I wasn't allowed to use the stove at the time but I wanted a boiled egg and I didn't want to ask my mother to make it lest she say no. So I developed a grand idea: I would fill a bowl up with water and place the egg in it and put it in the microwave. So I did. And the microwave exploded. Not a complete explosion just an explosion inside the microwave. My mother came rushing and wondered what happened and I told her that I was trying to make an egg for her(yes, I lied figuring it'd lessen the anger) and that I was trying to see if you could boil eggs in the microwave. So she had to get the screwdriver and open the microwave and get it to work again. I don't remember if it ever did work again but you could bet I felt guilty as ever and I learned my lesson: Don't ever boil eggs in the microwave. I'm just kidding, it's don't sneak around your parents and just ask them because even if they say no, being hungry is better than having a broken microwave and still being hungry.

2. A Fail of My Little Brother's 
Okay so my little brother has had a lot of fails throughout his life. He was a really wild kid(still is) and he was always doing crazy stuff. One example is the time he was in my parents' room and he was playing on my mother's exercise ball and he decided to stand up on it. He manage to stand up but then it rolled and he lost his balance and fell but not before cracking his head on their closet door and the closet taking a bit of skin with it. Because of that my father called him Scarface and everyone else called him Triple Eyebrow(because the scar made it look like he had another eyebrow). That's not it though. Right when the scar was healing he was playing around in our dining room turned storage room and my youngest sister's rocking horse was there. So, yup, you guessed it: he decided to stand up on that too. Needless to say, he fell and reopened the same exact scar from last time. I don't wanna use text lingo in a blog but smh, really. 

3. Another Fail(actually fall) of Mine
This one was actually from not so long ago, like 3 years ago. One day I was skipping down the stairs. With socks on. You already know what happened next. I slipped and fell down 3/4 of the stairs. When I finally landed on the floor under the stairs I rolled in pain for a bit. Then I got up, still hurting, and tried to walk it off. A couple minutes later I was rolling again, this time figuratively and this time with laughter. I was laughing so hard at how epic that fall was and how dumb I was for skipping down the stairs. Sadly I was the only one laughing, and the fact that it was hysterical laughter just made me look even more like a nut-job. 

Well that's all the epic fails I can remember for now. There've been more throughout my childhood and my life but I'll save those for another time(like when I actually remember them). Or I could tell you about the funny stories of my little brother's whippings. It was always funny when he was getting whipped. Not because we find it funny seeing someone get hit but because there was a lot that happened before he got hit. I'm gonna end on that note and let you just imagine. 

Oh, and if you did want to know what was up in the past week, here's the brief version: Thursday was my official last day as an apprentice, Friday we went to ImagjnOn to have them take pictures of our outfits for the museum they will be in and also Laila met her model. Saturday we had a barbecue with my grandparents because my father will be leaving tomorrow so we wanted to do something special. Sunday we almost went to a volunteer meeting in order to help out during Fashion Week but we were running way late and we decided to just forget it. That's pretty much it, anything before Thursday wasn't really that memorable. Also because Thursday was our last day at Miles Interior we decided to take a picture with two of the volunteer helpers there and here it is: 
The pictures are a little blurry, I know. Anyway, that's us with Belle and Brendan who are actually dating. They are both pretty cute and stuff and very nice especially Belle.  

Oh, and I almost forgot, Thursday we also went to Paul Mitchell the school and and can I just say "Wow!" It was amazing and everyone's hair was cool and they all wear black which was just awesome. I loved it. 

So that's it, hope you enjoyed today's random blog and everything. Signing off for now, annyeong, bye, adiós, au revoir, sayonara, ma'a salaama!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Winning, Love, and a whole lot more Giveaways

So, Saturday was the grand tournament at ImaginOn library. It was pretty nice. I played against the winners from two other branches and this time I actually had quite a bit of competition. Nevertheless, I won!! Yeah, I didn't get anything though. The only prize they had was the same game they gave out as a prize at each branch. I didn't think that I had a need for 2 Scrabble Slam card games so I said no thanks.(She asked me if I wanted it so no I didn't just say: I already won that so no thanks).

What I'm really thinking is that they should've had a better prize. I mean, at my library I won the Scrabble Slam, a book, and Dots candy. At ImaginOn, I won nothing! Well, I could've won another card game but why? I they knew that the game was being given out at the different branches as a prize then why would they have that for the grand prize as well? Anyway, enough complaining, I'm really happy I won. 

Okay so on the topic of love: I really love my father. I mean, he can be hella aggravating at times but he'll always be the man that raised me and takes care of me and just makes sure I have whatever I want. 

Yesterday we had a little talk. You see, Saturday night, I'd fallen asleep early. Forgot to make salaat, clean my area, all that stuff. So everybody keeps coming to wake me up and I'm all like "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming" and then 10 seconds later "Zzzzz" So my father was apparently calling me to clean my area and I'm like "Yes?!" "Zzzzz" "Yes?!" "Zzzzz"(I was really sleepy). So finally he yells at me all hard and angry like and that's when I wake up and I'm like "WTF is his problem?" And I'm all super pissed because I'm being yelled at and I'm tired and I so don't feel like cleaning. So I went up front all huffy, cleaned my area all huffy, even said nastily to my mom "I got this" when she was cleaning up some stuff around my area. I was in a super mood. At some point during the cleaning my father(asking everyone else I assume) said "Is she cleaning up yet?" and I snapped "Yes" at him. So my mom calmly came and talked to me and was all like: "Why are you mad?" And "You knew you had to clean up and stuff before you went to bed" and I wasn't really feeling like hearing that at the moment so I was just half answering and half ignoring her. What she didn't understand though was that I didn't have answers to her questions. I wasn't mad at anyone, I was mad at everyone and no one at the same time. I was just pissed for no reason. So I finished my area and then made salaat and went back to bed.

So then yesterday afternoon my father called me and was like "I know we've been bumping heads lately but I just want you to know I love you" and I was like "I love you too" but I guess I looked super confused because he was like "You don't think we've been bumping heads?" And I'm like "Not really" and then he mentioned the previous night and I was like "Oh, that? I don't like being woken up so quickly after I've fallen asleep and I get super mad no matter who is waking me up." And he was like "Oh, well I'm glad you told me that because last night I was mad I was like 'All I do for them and I just ask them to clean up, etc...'" Then he was like "It's good that we had this talk, it's true that sometimes you just need to talk it out." So yeah, if you ever have a bump in your relationship with anyone, just talk it out, it won't hurt. 

But anyway, what I wanted to say, was that I really love my father and I am grateful for everything he's done for me and for our family and he's really a great dad. 

So on a completely different note, I so should not have gotten a personal Instagram. I mean ever since I got it I've been taking more pictures. It gets a little silly sometimes. Honestly though, I don't take that much more pictures so it's cool. 

A good thing about getting a personal Instagram is... giveaways! Sometimes I feel guilty about entering all these giveaways but then I think, I'm not guaranteed to win any of these so even if I don't win all but I at least win one of the giveaways I'm in then I'm good. 

So yeah, I guess that's it, gotta go so singing off for now, bye, annyeong, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, ma'a salaama!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, August 12, 2013

Scrabble Tournament, Fashionable Items, and Sports Hating Me

So today was a teen Scrabble Tournament at my library. I was so excited for a long time because last year I didn't go because I didn't think anyone would show up. However, I figured if they're doing it again this year then that means: People Showed Up!!!

Spoiler Alert; they didn't :( 

So yeah, it was basically me, Jawaad, Laila, and the two volunteers that were helping out for the event. Only one volunteer played and she played against Jawaad while I played against Laila. Then I won against Laila and the volunteer won against Jawaad so I ended up playing the volunteer and I won! 

Above is the final board(top left), score sheets from both games(top right) and my prizes(bottom). It was pretty awesome and it'll be even more awesome going to the final tournament and playing against all the winners from the different branches. I can't wait! 

So besides that, in my last blog I left off saying how we were going to Glitter and bowling. Here's how Glitter went: 

Awesome! I was in awe of the store and was nearly overwhelmed in what to get and all that. Here's what I ended up with:

1. A heart necklace that I am actually wearing right now, it comes with earrings but I'm not wearing those right now.

2. Feather earrings which, by the way, I have been wanting for a while because they are so awesome and cute! 

3. A bow headband. I have been wanting a new headband to do this style that I like to do with my purdah(niqab, veil): 

So yeah, it's über cute and I love it! <3

4. Eyeshadow palette. It only has 10 colors but I've been needing a new one because mine is running out and I'm actually glad it has ten different colors because I get a variety of colors and not just one set of purples or a matched set for a certain look. 

So yeah, I only got 4 things because I was under the impression that my mother was giving us $5 each only to spend there and she was but she'd forgot to give mine to me so I ended up paying for it myself. I'm still wondering if I should ask her to get back $5 or if I should just drop it. 

So now about bowling: 

Yup, you guessed it: terrible! Okay not completely terrible but not that great either. Here's how it went:

When we first got there, our friends were already in the thick of playing(we were late) and one family had to go home soon after we came. So they were trying to hurry up and finish their games. 

So when they finished their games and paid then that family left and everyone else who had been with them were quite tired and didn't want to play anymore. So we ended up playing with ourselves and another sister that we came with. It went: Me, Laila, Ummi, and the sister; Jibreel, Jawaad and their friend Humzah(who actually rode with us); Sakina and the sister's little kids, Abdullah and Eesaa. 

So anyway, while they were setting up the games, I went and dipped to the bathroom really quick. Laila then came and told me that I needed to hurry up because it was my turn. So I hurried and when I came back, my mother had already played my turn! My first time bowling and I didn't even get to play my first turn! Anyway, so after that all I could do was suck it up and wait for my next turn to come around. When it finally did I actually got 8 pins on the first bowl and 1 on one the second. That was pretty good for my first bowl. However, after that, the sporting inability struck again and I got gutterball after gutterball. Another sister that was there used to be a pro bowler so she gave us some advice and said that we shouldn't focus on the middle pin but the middle line and try to bowl directly on that line. Even after that tidbit of advice, no matter how hard I tried, more gutterballs. I think I had 4 turns worth of gutterballs. After that I got another 8 but I didn't get anything in the second try. Then I got a couple more gutterballs and a few more pins knocked down and then towards the end of the game I got a strike! Then right after(because you get two turns even if you get a strike I got nine pins but I didn't get a spare. I was feeling very happy with that. After that I did hit a little more, I think, because my final score was 54(that rhymes). Not a very good score but not too bad for a beginner. 

I think Laila ended up winning our game but I don't know about the rest of the games. 

So yeah, that's my little update on life. I might or might not go bowling again, who knows? I'm definitely planning on going to Glitter again though. 

So, signing off for now, bye, salaams, au revoir, adiós, annyeong, sayonara!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eid Mubarak!!!!

So today for me and for a lot of people was Eid al-Fitr(The Celebration of Feasting). This is a very special day and it's given to the Muslims after fasting the whole month of Ramadhan.

Today we spent Eid in Xenia, Ohio. We moved from this place nearly 2 years ago thinking we were going into a better situation. My father was getting a job, we were going to be around people our age(there are no other older girls in Xenia), there would be a lot more Muslims down there. Let's just say "Be grateful for what you have." Not that Charlotte is a bad place, things are just totally different. However, I do like having girls my age to talk to so it's good. 

So anyway, it was really nice. I saw people I haven't seen in a while. I saw people that I'd seen just a couple of months ago when we came and I saw people I've never seen before but was happy to meet nonetheless. Oh, and I saw a girl I met on jamaat. 

So here's what we did today: 

Went to sleep late(around 3 am)

Woke up later and got ready and went for Eid prayer(I didn't get to make it T^T)

Stayed afterwords and had some breakfast-type stuff

Left and went to the store for some stuff

Came back and chilled for a bit

Went back out for the barbecue

Stayed there for a while before coming back at around Maghrib time(we went there at 5, so about 4 hours)

That's it! It doesn't seem like we did much but it was really fun and really nice. Just being around people you know and love can be the best thing ever. 

Quick OOTD:

So for my special Eid day outfit I wore blue and black(yes again). This time I wore my new black overgarment(abaya). It's so pretty! <3 I wore the blue scarf under by black dubata(long head scarf) and I wore a blue flower on my niqab:

Underneath I wore a black shirt and my blue and white skirt. In fact, later to the barbecue I simply wore the skirt and a black turtleneck I have.

Anyway, I felt so happy, pretty, loved and blessed today, mashaallah. I hope that Allah blessed this Eid day, accepted our fast, our good deeds, our good du'aas, and InshaAllah will grant everyone Jannah al-Firdous. Ameen! 

Well, it's time for me to hit the hay, I'm nodding off(it's only 11:30 but I'm tired), so signing off for now, bonne nuit, buenas noches, oyasumi nasai, annyeong, laylal khair(I hope that's how you say that, bye and good night!!! 

Sumiyya <3  

P.S. Tomorrow we'll have a lot of fun InshaAllah. We're going to this shop called Glitter and we're going bowling(my first time!). Can't wait! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Day of Apprenticing

So today was the last day of apprenticing. The whole week was kinda fun, kinda tiring, kinda I don't know how to feel about it. 

So for 4/5 days of the week my sister and I(Jawaad only did this for one day and then he and the other apprentice Raehdojhn did marketing) looked up companies associated with bridal things and we looked them up, found their email address and wrote it down on an excel sheet. Then we entered these companies' emails to receive the Charlotte Seen newsletter to be notified of any future events in Charlotte. It was quite tedious work as a good deal of them didn't have an email address to contact them at. Or they had you write in to contact them and some had you put in a whole bunch of info just to write in. Companies if you ever come across this blog listen: you should put your email on your site in a visible place, it saves trouble for some people such as, I don't know, my sister and myself. 

The 5th day, today, Rita said we were to be doing something different. "Different" just meant we'd be entering emails from business cards she has. It was okay though because that went fast and then she had to find something else for us to do and that something else was sort the models by male, female, child and then further sort them by race. That was pretty nice. 

So, as a parting gift as this was our last day, Rita got me and Laila The Body Shop sample baggies and Jawaad got some sunglasses and Raehdojhn got a hat. She's so nice. :) 

However, this might actually not be our last day. My mother said that maybe, if we wanted to(not sure I do), we could go there the week after next and help out some more. So yeah, it might not be Bye-Bye to Rita just yet. 

Anyways, I'm signing off, gotta go pray Isha, Taraweeh, and Witr, so annyeong, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, salaams, bye! 

Sumiyya <3

P.S. Here are some pics of the (possible) last day of apprenticing plus the gift Rita gave us: