Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm Still Here

Hello there! I know that I have not posted anything in about two weeks. That's two posts missed. So today I decided to get back on the ball and make up for yesterday's missed post. And on that subject, I've been thinking: maybe I shouldn't just stick super hard onto a Monday only schedule. I mean, there are times when I really want to post something and I think "No, you have to wait until Monday." So I think that I'll still do Monday posting but if there's any other day of the week wherein I really want to post something, I should just do so.

So anyway, I'll be catching you up in my life for the past two weeks.

The first thing I'm going to say is: I'm writing this blog post from my laptop. And I know what you're thinking "My laptop?" "Did I read that right?" The answer is: yes, you sure did read that right. Yes, I Sumiyya Abdul-Rasheed finally, FINALLY, have my own laptop. It's a 10.6" Gateway Windows 8 laptop. It's small and cute and super adorable and it's all mine! I'm still so happy. It's called Mini-Bar. I was thinking of chocolate when I named it(you know me, chocoholic extraordinaire). Although only recently I realized a mini bar is for drinking and I probably should've called it Fun-Size(like me!) or something like that.

So yeah, I got it a exactly a week ago(last Tuesday) and I've been loving it since. Also, I have not completely abandoned my iPod now that I have a laptop. I still use my iPod quite regularly and I balance my online time between both of the devices.

Second thing I wanted to talk about is: I nominated my sister for a TV Show! So I got an email from FIDM Fashion Club saying that there was a new show coming out called Threads and basically designers anywhere from 8-16 compete on the show for cash prizes and scholarships. It sounded so cool that I thought: "I have to nominate Laila. She's a great designer and it'd be a really nice opportunity for her." So I nominated her and then we had to send in information about her and also pictures of her designs and so we did all that. Then they called and Laila and my mom had an interview with the people and now it's all over and I just really hope she gets picked for the show.

Third thing: Saudi. So my father has been in Saudi Arabia for a while and he's really liking it. Especially in the city he's in. So what's going to happen(InshaAllah(godwilling)) is that he will come back for the Summer which we will all spend here and then we will all move to Saudi at the end of Summer. So we're trying to get prepared. Especially because apparently we'll be going to school with people who speak the tiniest amount of English. We need to practice our Arabic and fast.

Fourth thing: Tea party!!
My mom's cousin's mom(therefore my great-aunt) is having a mother-daughter tea party this weekend and we're going so we've been getting ready and finding all the accessories we need to go with our outfits and all that. I honestly cannot wait for it.

Fifth thing: Spring Break
My older brother is coming down for Spring Break. He'll arrive the day we leave to go to the tea party so we won't see him right away but we will spend the rest of the time after we come back with him. While we're gone to the tea party he'll hang with my cousin(who came down a while ago), my little brother, and probably my uncle too.

Sixth thing: Life
I've been really evaluating how my year is going so far and I've come to the realization: not so good. The only thing from my "resolutions" list that I've stuck to is brushing my teeth more often. I've been trying to exercise and stuff but I am so pathetically lazy and I really don't feel like it sometimes. I'm trying really hard to think about what language(besides Arabic) that I will sit down and say: I'm learning this one and staying dedicated with it until it's complete. I know I said Spanish and I really do want to learn Spanish. However, there are other languages I want to know as well. But I've decided that I'll learn Spanish for now. Throw myself into it and when I'm done and I know it pretty well that's when I can learn another language. I don't have to rush with it.

So, I think that's pretty much all that's been up these past couple of weeks. Thank you, whoever you are, for reading and I'll hopefully write again next week or if I want to post before that then soon.

Signing of for now, au revoir, sayonara, annyeong, adios, ma'a salaama, goodbye!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, March 3, 2014

Visiting and Leaving


I am making today's blog super short because I am very busy and shouldn't really be writing right now but u just had to tap this out really quick and give an update because I missed last week. 

So, if you were wondering why I did not post last week it is because I went on a road trip to Ohio to visit my older brother. We stayed from Sunday morning until Monday(which was my mom's birthday!) late morning. It was such a short trip because supposedly there was to be a storm in the area and my parents wanted to clear out before it hit. I don't think that storm even ended up coming. Anyway, we rushed back gone and I was kinda mad about that but oh well. 

The reason we went up there in the first place is that my father's job offer in Saudi was going through well and they were getting ready to have him come over so he wanted to go and see my brother before he left. 

Though, even knowing that my father was leaving soon, we didn't know how soon. And to our surprise, soon was Saturday. 

Yes, he's gone now and my brother is still in Ohio so that means for a while we are a 5 family. :D Also my younger brother is stuck with a lot of girls. 

Anyway, that's pretty much it. I do have some really exciting news but I do not have the time so I will tell this exciting news at a later date. Although, I don't know if it'll still be exciting/good news next week. 

So, signing off for now, annyeong, sayonara, adiĆ³s, au revoir, salaams, byee!! 

Sumiyya <3