Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Hello you!

As you may know, I only post on Mondays so you know what that means: this is the last post of 2013! Can you believe it? The year has come and find so fast. So many memories. *Tears up*

So since today is my last blog of 2013, I thought I'd reflect on they year thus far. 

I can't remember much of when the year first started out because I have a horribly sucky memory but I'll recant the things I do remember and my reflections on those.

The fashion show: This is the point from which I can really remember things. 
The fashion show was really nice. Trying to find things to use as recyclable material was totally hard and when I won in the top three I was so happy. 
My reflection from that is that if you out your mind to it, sometimes you can succeed. Also that my mother has a great eye for things. 

The Charlotte Seen fashion show: That fashion show was so hype. It was so cool and so awesome and everyone brought it hard. Plus so many people saw us and complimented us on our stuff and it was really nice. My reflection from this was that just because you dress a certain way, doesn't mean you can't roll big and do what you want.

The award ceremony: The award ceremony was okay. I didn't like standing for what seemed like forever, with no drinks and no food. We didn't win and it kinda crushed us but we were okay. My reflection on this: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, just don't let it get you down. 

Ramadhan: This Ramadhan I think I really did well. I know I tried my best and made sure I was always doing ibaadat and reading Quran and everything. InshaAllah everything was accepted. I really hope so.

Eid al Fitr: This year we spent Eid in Xenia and I loved it. It was so nice spending Eid with all of the Xenia people and I was so happy. We went bowling, to a nikah, and to Glitter too. My reflections from this: Xenia people are very loving and tight knit and Charlotte just doesn't compare. 

Eid al Adha: Eid al Adha this year was sad. We couldn't go to the Eid salaat because they were making it on the wrong date so we had to go somewhere else where they were doing it on the right date and the girls didn't get to make salaat because only men were there.  Then the rest of the days we did the same things we usually do every day. We didn't get to slaughter because we were dead broke. There was nothing special about it and it saddened me so much. The only silver lining was that we went and got chocolate milkshakes from McDonalds and we hadn't done that in so long. My reflection: We really need to actually celebrate the special days that Allah gave to us in at least some way. 

Life this year: I won't say what but this year something got me really down and I confided in my sister about it and her knowing really helped me. My reflections: Sometimes friends are all you need. Especially best friends like my sister Laila. I love her and she doesn't know how happy I am that she's been there for me. 

So basically there have been a lot of moments and memories in this year even though the year seems to have gone by so fast. I am excited for the new year and I hope you, whoever is reading had a great year and will have an awesome year in 2014. 

Signing off for 2013, annyeong, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, ma'a salaa, byeeeee!! Many hugs and kisses for you if you are reading this and/or have been reading for a while. I really appreciate anyone who actually takes the time to read my pointless blog. 

Sumiyya <3

P.S. My penpal mentioned this and I realized that I'd totally forgotten until this point but one thing I also did in 2013 was go with my family to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory and that was very fun and I really liked it and I'm very glad we got to go and experience something so fun. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

So Busy

Hello you!

I know, I know, I didn't post last week but there's a huge reason for that: I've been busy. 난 정말 바빠-Nan jeongmal bappa(Korean for "I'm really busy").

Last week I was Internetless at my grandparent's new new house and their old new house. I was helping them move, for the second time.  -__-

Anyway, I decided I wouldn't even bother writing a make up blog on Tuesday and I'd just write today. 

Although, I've been busy today too. In fact, I'm still busy. I just decided to take a quick break and write this blog just so it wouldn't be a repeat of last week. 

If you're wondering what I'm busy with this week it's homework. Honestly we haven't done homework for 2 weeks because we've all been slacking a little. This week we're getting back on the ball. So today I had to do a lot of writing down stuff and since I changed books today as well(new books pictured below) I had a whole bunch more stuff to do. *Sigh*

So yeah, new history, new biology, just in time for the semester change. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope I'll have a better blog post for you, whoever you are, to read and not just one explaining why I've been gone. 

So that's it, signing off for now 'cause I still got more stuff to do, annyeong, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, ma'a salaama, bye-byeeeee!!! ^__~

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Home Alone(Well, Sorta)

Hello to you!

Today is Monday and I am back again with the highlight of the previous week: I stayed at home (nearly) alone. 

Last week my brother had an orientation to go to in Ohio for his college. Now, the week before the week before last week we had gone on another road trip to Fayetteville which is only 3 hours away. Sakina and Jawaad had to sit in the trunk and this is often uncomfortable(I would know) so we were trying to find ways to make it work for the trip to Ohio which is 8 hours away. My father even suggested renting a car. However, out money has been a bit tight so that idea was dismissed. 

Then, just a week before we were about to leave, my mother asked Laila and I if we wouldn't mind staying home. We said "No, we don't mind"(We have no one to see in Xenia anyway) and so just like that, it was done. We were staying here. Also, auntie Keena was to come and watch over us while we did. 

So they left at 3:45 Thursday morning and we slept until 8:00. Then we got up and started cleaning up everything my mother wanted cleaned before our Auntie came, including her room.(Pictured Below)

This is my sister's and my finished progress. We were quite happy with ourselves. Anyway, we cleaned done other things after that and then took a break and found a show to watch called Hot in Cleveland. It was pretty funny and we were hooked. So we marathonned Hot in Cleveland in between our cleaning. 

So when my aunt arrived she pretty much just went into my parents room and fell asleep. It was fine. She gets pretty tired and worn out because she has Sickle Cell. 

Anyway, so from Thursday to Saturday we were parent and sibling free and we lived it up. We watched Hot in Cleveland nearly nonstop, we ate moderately and didn't have to worry about the food not being there later. We got lost in Target. Well not really lost, per se, just not with my aunt and she ended up having the people page us twice. We didn't hear either one. Target obviously needs to up it's intercom system. Oh, yeah, and we gorged on chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes. Homemade, I might add. That frosting is to die for. It's so good and yet so bad for you but I love it. 

Anyway, we mainly had a relaxed type of fun that usually evades us when family is around. 

So that was my parent-free weekend. No parties, just me and my sister and my aunt doing our own thing. 

That's about it. Signing off for now, bye, sayonara, ma'a salaama, adiós, au revoir, annyeongggg!!!

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Math Homework

If you didn't know, I got a new math book a couple of weeks ago. It's A Saxon math book and it's really pretty. Here's what it looks like:

So the point of this blog is that: it's becoming increasingly harder for me to do math homework on time. Not because it's hard or anything but because it's boring. 

Don't get me wrong, I love math. I love challenging myself, learning new procedures, and getting answers right. However, what I don't like is repeating the same stuff over and over again. I know that's how you learn things but it just gets so boring.

Well, since I have no control over it, I'll stop complaining. I'm sure it'll get better, plus it's math, how could I hate it?

So since today's blog is math themed I will leave you with a page from my math book and a simple equation. This equation will be simple but remember the rules of math because I've seen people post equations like this and there's a difference of opinion because some people don't do the procedure correctly. 

That being said, the equation is:

6 + 4 x 5 = ?

I'm not putting parentheses because that will make it easier and what's the fun in that? :D 

Oh, and here's a page from my new math book: 

So, I'll be signing off for now, annyeong, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, bye, salaams!! 

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Crafty Side of Me


I'm back again, on Monday, for this here blog. 

Today, I'm talking about my crafty side. I've made quite a bit of things either through knitting, crocheting, sewing, or weaving(as in friendship bracelets). Actually as I think about it, I haven't made that much stuff, just a bit. 

I'll try to remember and list the things I have made and I'll also insert pictures of the things I have pictures of. 

In 2010 or 2011(can't remember) I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. I read books on how to but I wasn't yet getting one part of knitting. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't understand that one part. So my aunties came that year and one of them knew how to knit so I asked her to teach me. However, she'd forgotten and so I poured over the books and learned how to knit all on my own. The very first thing I knitted and completed was a purse for my penpal Alizabeth. It was pink and had a blue "crocheted" strap. At the time I didn't know how to fully crochet( I was supposed to learn from my sister (who was taught by my other auntie who knew how to crochet) but she hadn't fully taught me yet). So the strap I made was not actually crocheted but it looked pretty nice. I do not have a picture of this.

The second thing I knitted was a pair if gloves. This was more recent. It took me around 3 weeks to finish than but only because I procrastinated. Here is a picture of the completed gloves: 

Well, it's actually only one glove because the picture I took of the two of them shows my skin and a bit of cleavage so...

The third and final thing I have knitted is a hat. I just finished it Saturday night. It took me 23 days to finish so about 3 weeks just like the gloves. I could've finished it earlier but I made it like a finish by December project so I wasn't too pressed to finish it quickly. 
Here's a couple of pictures of the hat, on me actually:

In the first picture it looks dirty but it's not, that's just the lighting which is why in the black and white picture it doesn't. 

If you're wondering why I've only knitted three things since I learned to knit it's because I feel that knitting takes too long and that I could probably finish it faster if were to crochet it.


So I've crocheted a lot of things, a purse, a bracelet, amigurumi cupcakes:

An amigurumi bear that I never finished, an amigurumi rabbit that I did finish:

An Elmo hat: 

And a skirt which I still haven't finished:

So yeah, that's all the things I've crocheted.


The first things I ever sewed were doll clothes that I'd hand sewn myself. This was back in 2005. My mom and also a friend of mine taught me how to sew. My mom also showed me how to make patterns for the dolls. So I made shirts, dresses, skirts, and I tried to make pants but those never worked out right. I don't have any pictures of those as that was so long ago, back when I didn't have a camera to use whenever I felt like it.

The second thing I've sewn is a dress. It's a pretty cute dress. My sister helped me to make it but I did all the sewing myself. 

The third thing I made was this dress for the fashion show last year: 

And also this shirt for the other fashion show last year: 

And finally: this vest made of a plastic tablecloth and the leggings, though I didn't see them I did DIY rip and ladder them:

So yeah. That's my sewing accomplishments. 


So I don't have any pictures of any of the bracelets I've made so I'll just describe them all. 

The very first ones that I made, I gave them to my penpal Hanan and we sister Aya. 

They were: pink and purple(to match her room), black red and white, black pink and white, and another color mix that I can't remember at the moment. 

The others I've made since then were: 

Another pink, black, and white one
Another red, black, and white one,
A red and black one(which I lost at the library
A black and white one(which I still have)
A multi-colored one that matches the colors in the elastic on my summer dress 
A blue and white one
A blue and black one 
A green and white one with beads(which I sent to my penpal Aurélia)
And a couple more that I can't remember the colors of.

So yeah, those are my crafty achievements. 

Signing off for now, bye-bye, salaam, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, annyeong!! 

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shopping, OOTDs and Twitter

Hello gorgeous! That's the greeting of today. Take it graciously and gratefully. :D

Anyway, I had something I was going to talk about for my blog today but I forgot so I'm going to talk about the key points of last week. 

Last week was pretty normal just like every other week except that I went window shopping(again) this time with my girls Laylaa and Hafsa and their mom and their two other sisters. It was so much fun. It's something I've always wanted to do, just go to the mall with my girls and hang out and window shop and chill. It's such a teen thing to do. So that was awesome and also, because they're such amazing friends they actually bought stuff for us. Hafsa bought me and Laila a bow each and they're so cute. Here's mine:

Cute isn't it? I decided I'd put it on my hat once I finished knitting it so actually that's what's in the background at the moment. I'll show you how my knitting is coming along thus far:

So that's my progress. Pretty good right? I need to speed it up in order to finish by December though. 

So besides the shopping I've been on twitter a lot for the past couple of weeks. It's been really fun. As you know, I participated in a twitter party and I also made some twitter friends. It's been really cool. 

Final thing I wanted to talk about were some outfits that stood out to me this past week. 

The first is from Thursday. That day I wore a a black turtleneck, a gray jean Bubblegum miniskirt, and black leggings. You might be wondering why it stood out to me. Well that's because it was just a cool black on black(well black on gray actually :D) but anyway, I really liked it. 

Another outfit that I liked was yesterday's outfit. I wore a red halter camisole under a black layering shirt from Old Navy. I wore my long black and white skirt that has a slit and I wore leggings underneath. For accessories I wore my fingerless black and white gloves and my red arm sleeves. 

The last outfit is today's. It's not all that but it's just a casual outfit. I'm wearing my Angel skinny jeans that I got from Kohl's and I'm wearing a pink and white button down shirt over a black shirt dress. 

So that's pretty much it. Just a little update into my past week. 

Signing off for now, salaams, au revoir, adiós, annyeong, sayonara, toodles!! Kissies, muah! <3

Sumiyya <3

Monday, November 11, 2013


Today is 11/11! It may not be 11/11/11, that's already passed but it is 11/11 and that's still pretty cool. On CDE, today would be Wish Day. I think CDE shut down though.

Anyway, the reason for the title is I got my swag bag finally! The title is inspired by nigahiga's video "Word of the Day: swog". It was really funny. 

So here's what I got: 

I got only 9 products(that make up $100, crazy right?)
I got a Butter London nail polish in Brown Sugar($14)
A Physician's Formula Happy Booster($14) I actually gave it away to my aunt because she came over to pick up the food that my father made(my grandparent's don't have a stove yet so we're cooking for them) and I showed the bag to her and she saw it and she wanted it and I know I don't wear face makeup so after some thought I said she could have it.  
2 Sinful Colors Nail Polishes in Ruby Stone and Rich Tone($2.00 each so $4.00)
Becca Beach Tint($25 and it's so small like it's this itty bitty tube)
Butter Lindon Wink Cream Eyeshadow in the color Earl Grey( $18)
Makeup Forever Paris Professional glitter eyeshadow($15) 
Elf Baked Eyeshadow in bark( $3.00)
And Maybelline Color Whisper in Bare to be Bold($7.50)
So that all adds up to $100.50. So they went 50 cents over but yeah, 9 products $100. I'm really happy though. It was really fun participating in the twitter party. 

I tried on pretty much everything except the beach tint, the glitter eyeshadow, and the Ruby Stone nail polish. 

Here are the nail polishes I tried on:

The first is the Rich Tone and the second is Brown Sugar. 

So besides all that, yesterday I went window shopping with the girl in my family and a family friend named Zulaika, then we went and ate at a place called Le Kebab Grill. It was really nice. 

So that's pretty much it, just an update in my little life. 

Signing off for now, bye-bye, annyeong, adieu, adiós, sayonara, ma'a salaama! <3 

Sumiyya <3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Islamic New Year!

I know, I know. This blog is two days late. I forgot to write it on Monday and I forgot to write it yesterday and so here I am on Wednesday, writing my Monday blog.

So basically, as stated by the title, Monday was the Islamic New Year! It totally just snuck up on me and I actually found out through twitter. I was really surprised.

Anyway, I've tried to start this new year off really nicely. I've been trying to read Quran after every salaat and all. I used to do it before but I stopped during this period of time(I can't even remember why I stopped) and then I have been trying to start it back up since. I'm really hoping it becomes a habit again. 

So if you were wondering what I've been up to since my last blog it's this: homework, helping my grandparents move, knitting a beanie, reading, freezing at my grandparents' new house, waiting for my swag bag to come and basically just chilling. Oh and I'm also doing a November photo challenge on Instagram. It's going pretty well actually. I'm also being the world's worst penpal ever. *Sigh*

So that's pretty much everything in a nutshell. I've got some homework to do so I gotta go. 

Signing off for now, bye, annyeong, adiós, au revoir, sayonara. Ma'a salaama!!!! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy 5 Ranch

I decided to do two blogs today because I really wanted to talk about a filed trip we went on last week and it was to a place called Lazy 5 Ranch.

It was so awesome! Lazy 5 Ranch is basically a ranch but it's also kinda like a zoo because they have giraffes and ostriches and emus and kangaroos there too. 

When we went there we got to feed animals, play on a hay castle and in a corn pen(like a ball pen), and go on a wagon ride where we fed even more animals. It was really fun. Here're some pictures from the day:

So basically this is a blog full of pictures. I really wish I had a camera that way I could take way better pictures but I don't unfortunately.

So that's it for this two blog special. 

Signing off for now, bye, ma'a salaama, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, annyeong!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, October 21, 2013


You know, I've been lately realizing that I don't really have a lot of friends. I mean, I've always known this it's just kinda getting to me now. I guess it's the whole "high schooler" thing. Maybe it isn't, maybe I just want friends.

However, I also realized that though I may not have a lot of friends, I do have friends that count. So today this post is dedicated to friendship. 

To the friends I have come to know and love, to the one friend I've always had, to the new friends I have yet to know, to those that are my friends from the sidelines because they're too shy to actually talk to me(I don't think there's anyone like that but just in case), to the friends I never made due to my own shyness, and even to those who didn't necessarily seem like they wanted to be my friend when I tried: I love you all! XOXO Kisses and hugs to you all. 

You have all affected me in some way and I'm grateful to have each and every one of you. 

That concludes this Monday blog so signing off for now, bye, annyeong, salaams, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, and to all my friends and any readers out there: I love you, 사랑해요, أحبكم, 愛して, Te amo, Je t'aime all! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, October 14, 2013

Home is Where the Crazies Are

Hello there!

So my father came back yesterday. As you know if you've read my previous blog  posts, he's been in Kuwait. Kuwait didn't exactly work out the way he wanted it to so he's back. I'm unsure as to whether he's leaving again at the end of the month or if he's leaving again in January. I shall find out soon InshaAllah(god willing). 

So last night when he came back he was a little jet-lagged and sorta crazy(as said by my mother). He didn't have souvenirs for us unfortunately. All I got was a box that was previously used to hold his oil. The box is pretty and everything but still: a box? However I'm happy nonetheless. 

Btw, here's the box: 
Yeah, I know, the pictures dark. I'm feeling too lazy to edit it. 

I'm actually being lazy as well as feeling it. I'm currently snuggled in my blanket all comfy, laying on my right side,  and I have my iPod in my right hand just thumb-typing away. I also have Mr. Pepe in my arms, somewhat held in my left hand. 

Mr. Pepe is a sock puppet given to me by my Korean penpal. I have no idea what he is supposed to be and I have no idea why he is a he and why I've named him Mr. Pepe. I actually might change his name but I haven't come up with a good enough, totally fitting one. 

Here's Mr. Pepe: 
Next to him are the socks he was made out of. I'm unsure as to why she sent them to me. I'm thinking either so that I can match with Mr. Pepe or so that I can make another one if I'd like. I've decided to go with the former. 

OMG, I just realized something! Today we switch cleaning areas and so I'm now on the kitchen, what?! This sucks :(( I guess I'll just continue to be lazy then. 

Signing off for now, au revoir, adiós, ma'a salaama, sayonara, peace and love, byeeee!!!

Sumiyya <3

P.S. In my last blog I was majorly excited about the awards ceremony. Well I didn't win. Neither did  either of the two of my siblings that entered as well. It was a pretty big disappointment but I'm okay with it now. You win some, you lose some but no matter what you gotta keep moving on. That's a quote by me. Feel free to take and post it with quotation marks and my name afterwords, I'd be so honored. XD 

Monday, October 7, 2013


Okay so if you didn't know by the title I'm totally flipping out about the awards ceremony. It's in Just. Three. Days. and I'm freaking out so hard. I really really hope to win. Or that Laila or Jawad wins. InshaAllah at least one of us will. I'll be so happy as long as it's one of us.

So besides flipping out about the awards ceremony, I've been getting ready for Eid. It's in 9 days. On Saturday there was an Eid Bazaar and people sold stuff and I got my mendhi(henna) done and everything and it's really pretty. I hope it lasts until at least the awards ceremony.   

Another thing that's exciting: Abi will be coming back on the 13th! Right in time to A. Celebrate if we win, and B. Spend Eid with us. 

So I've got three events lined up each 3 days apart. It's so exciting and I can't wait and I swear to you my stomach has butterflies bouncing off of it. Maybe even reproducing and having more bounce off of it.(Cue the eww) :D

That's about it, I think. Oh, yeah, at the Eid bazaar I also got a strawberry soap(for free!) and peppermint incense which I loooove!!!

So yeah, that's all, signing off for now with my awkward half knowledge of other language's goodbyes, bye, annyeong, sayonara, ma'a salaama, adiós, au revoir!!! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, September 30, 2013



I've been really weirded out lately by how stuff in my life will just fit together like a puzzle piece when I didn't even know they were part of the same puzzle. You get what I mean? 

Here are some recent examples of that: 

There's a girl on Instagram that followed me. So I did the courteous thing and followed her back. Later she posted a video tagging two friends. I clicked I'm one of the friends' page, checked her out, went back to the video. Then I clicked on the other one. That profile was private but the profile picture struck me hard as I realized that I might just know that particular person. I clicked and looked at any pictures the first girl(that I mentioned) had of her and I was astonished to realize: I did know her! How crazy is that? What's even crazier: the reason the first girl even followed me was because she'd seen me somehow through another girl I know. I was just totally weirded out. 

Another example: I saw a video by a popular South African YouTuber: Caspar Lee. The video was called Licking Vegemite. I don't know if I watched it but I did see the guy Ashton(whose name I didn't know at the time) on the thumbnail. Later I was browsing the Instagram popular page and I came across that same Ashton person. I thought "Well he is pretty cute, I'll follow him." So I did. That's not all though. Later I had watched a video by another YouTuber, this one Australian, this one named Troye Sivan. He did a cover to a song called Heartbreak Girl by a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. I thought the song was pretty nice but that was it. Later still, I was browsing Ashton's Instagram and I came across a comment that said something about 5 Seconds of Summer and I was like "Wait, what, is he part of 5 Seconds of Summer?" Turns out, yes he is, he's the drummer.     

So yeah, that's just my little weird puzzle piece life. It seems Instagram has played a part in them both. 

Anyway, I think that's it for now. My weekend was pretty good, friends came over on Saturday, just chilled and watched Modern Family on Sunday, it was nice. How was your weekend whoever happens to be reading this? 

Well this is officially it, signing off for now, bye, annyeong, ma'a salaama, sayonara, adieu, adiós!!! 

Sumiyya <3

P.S. October 1st is tomorrow, crazy right? I'm kinda excited though because the awards ceremony is in less than two weeks! I really can't wait. I'm hoping and hoping that InshaAllah one of us wins, just one is all. To me it doesn't even matter who of us, just at least one of us. It would be so awesome and it'd mean a lot. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Life as I Know It

Well this past Saturday was the last event on my schedule. We went to the Mint Museum of Art to tour the fashion collection which we had actually already seen during the reception but it was cool to get to see it again. Plus I got a picture this time: 

This dress was so hype and the whole time we kept saying how it'd make a great overgarment. 

We also had a barbecue yesterday with my grandparents and it was really nice. We had perfectly spiced kebabs, pasta salad, and even something new: deep fried broccoli! It was all very delicious. Except for the fact that my mother decided to put zucchini and squash on the kebabs and I really don't like zucchini or squash but oh well.

Anyway, now that all that is over, I'm feeling kinda empty. I'm gonna go back to life as I know it: humdrum, repetitive, same-old, same-old. 

I mean, yeah I have homework now but that doesn't take very long to finish. So I'm just gonna pass my day as usual. Which actually is fine as long as it doesn't get boring and overly repetitive. 

I'm gonna stop complaining now. I still have a lot to do and I'm glad for it and I should be. Besides, I don't need to be super busy, it gets hectic. 

So I was thinking, I should see what events are coming up in the Library schedule. I probably won't make it to a lot of them but at least if I know I have something to look forward to, I will feel like my schedule is full and that's satisfying. 

Sorry, today's blog is not very fun or funny, just thoughtful. Just a little insight into my mind. Hope you at least somewhat enjoyed it. :D 

That's pretty much it, signing off for now, bye, ma'a salaama, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, annyeong!!!

Sumiyya <3

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh No!

Oh no! I totally forgot! Yesterday I was supposed to write another post of my weekly blog! I am sorry to whoever reads this and waits every week for a new update in my life(which is probably point blank no one anyway). 

So, anyway, here I am today! I will continue posting on Mondays but just for today it'll be a Tuesday post. 

So, as you well know if you've been reading my blog: Saturday was the Fashion Show!! It was pretty awesome. I kinda wish that they did my model's hair different so she could wear the hood I made which had some totally badowl spikes but whatever. I completely loved the outfit Laila made for me which is funny because I didn't at first. It grew on me though and I was glad to be wearing it and walking the runway with it on. 

Sunday we were supposed to chill and we did for a while before we decided to go and have dinner with my grandparents and aunties. 

Yesterday was sort of a chill day too but later we went to drop Jawaad off at practice and to the library. You'll never guess what though: Jibreel drove us! It was just all kids in the car, Jibreel driving, no parents. That was so crazy to me but I know it probably won't be the last time. 

So remember last week when I said we were supposed to start homeschooling back up but we didn't? Well we actually ended up doing so later. We didn't really do any work but we got everything situated such as books and notebooks and stuff. 

So back on the topic of the fashion show, we will not see who won until October 10th so on the plus side we have time to chill but on the down side: we have to wait nearly a whole friggin' month!!! Ah, patience my dear self, patience. :D

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I would do an OOTD but I'm not really wearing much. Just a fancy green shirt and white jeans. I look pretty cute though. Sunday's OOTD was way better and I loved it. It was a jean vest over a white 3/4 sleeved shirt that I've mentioned before, a green skirt and jeggings. Accessories were my Claire's earcuff and a plain stud in the other ear and my only two rings: the black and white one I made and the fake gold ruby one. I also kinda shared my ootd on Instagram so yeah, you know I loved it. 

Well that's definitely it, signing off for now, au revoir, annyeong, sayonara, adiós, bye, ma'a salaama!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fashion Show Jitters and OOTD

Hello!! I'm back for my weekly blog!

So there have been a lot of times this past week when I wanted to just blog but then I remembered that I have a system and you're probably wondering: "Then why not a daily blog?" It's because I don't really want to write about my day every day. I don't even write in my diary every day. In fact, I probably haven't wrote in it in weeks. Anyway, my blog consistency is not that important compared to: 


I'm so nervous. The fashion show is on Saturday. The kick-off is tomorrow. I'm still unsure as to whether we're going to the kick-off or not but I'm so so nervous. 
I really hope my outfit kicks butt. 

Speaking of my outfit, yesterday we went to Paul Mitchell the School again because the models had a mandatory workshop and we weren't sure if we were supposed to be there or not. So it turned out that we weren't but watching the models walk was fun. I even got to see my own model walk. It was pretty awesome. 

So today we're supposed to go and get our tickets for the fashion show. I'm really so nervous you just don't know. 

I still actually haven't finished my outfit but I will be completing that this week. Hopefully before Friday at the latest. 

So today is one of those days when I like to share my OOTD: Outfit of the Day. My outfit today isn't spectacular but I really like it. 

I'm wearing a black turtleneck, a dress that has a black and white striped top but a black bottom, and black leggings. 
For accessories I have my new ear cuffs from Claire's on and my gloves that Laila made me, the ones with the chains. So yeah, like I said, nothing really fancy just really cute. :) 

So that's about it. Today we were supposed to start homeschooling up again. However, I'm glad we haven't. The fashion show coming up is stressful enough without having homework to worry about. 

So yeah, signing off for now, sayonara, annyeong, au revoir, adiós, ma'a salaama, byeeee!!! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, September 2, 2013


Hey anyone and everyone reading this! I'm back for my now weekly blog(yes, in case you haven't noticed, I've got a system now :D)

So today I'm talking about shopping. Yup, good old shopping. I'm one of those girls that actually like to shop. My only problem is I haven't the money to do such so I mostly just "window" shop. In the mall I actually window shop, like literally because I just walk through with my family(in search of a certain destination of course) and we pass a lot of stores with cool clothing displays in the window and my sister and I point out our favorites to each other. 

Anyway, starting this month, we are going to actually get an allowance/shopping fee of $50. How it goes is: we get $50 each month to buy any clothes we need for the month or if we don't feel we need any clothes for that month we just get the whole $50. Honestly I only have $14 of that $50 left(yes, even though I just got it). It's because I've been really needing bras and so this was my chance. However I only ended up getting one and it was $20. So after that $30 left right? Well because Claire's system is messed up plus Claire's is expensive anyway. I ended up paying $16 at Claire's. So that's how I have only $14 left. The good thing is that I got some things I really needed/wanted. I got the bra in my size, perfect fit and I got ear cuff earrings which are über cute and I love them do I'm cool. I also got a spike bracelet to cut up so I can put the spikes on my hood for the fashion show. So all is well and good and if I can keep the $14 or at least most of it until next month  then I'll have $64. Actually $74 including some money left over from Eid. 

So that's pretty much it, signing off for now, bye, annyeong, salaams, adiós, au revoir, sayonara!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, August 26, 2013

Epic Fails of my Childhood

Hey Beautiful! Even if you're a guy and you happen upon this blog the greeting of today will still be "Hey Beautiful!" So accept the compliment. 
Today I was going to catch you up on last week and also share my disappointment for not being able to go to the volunteer meeting yesterday but I thought "Why? That's so boring! No one wants to hear all that." So instead I will be sharing a little epic fails from my childhood. Not all of these are my epic fails but my siblings' as well. 

1. My Own Fail
One time when I was around 8 or 9 I was really hungry and I wanted something to eat. I think I wasn't allowed to use the stove at the time but I wanted a boiled egg and I didn't want to ask my mother to make it lest she say no. So I developed a grand idea: I would fill a bowl up with water and place the egg in it and put it in the microwave. So I did. And the microwave exploded. Not a complete explosion just an explosion inside the microwave. My mother came rushing and wondered what happened and I told her that I was trying to make an egg for her(yes, I lied figuring it'd lessen the anger) and that I was trying to see if you could boil eggs in the microwave. So she had to get the screwdriver and open the microwave and get it to work again. I don't remember if it ever did work again but you could bet I felt guilty as ever and I learned my lesson: Don't ever boil eggs in the microwave. I'm just kidding, it's don't sneak around your parents and just ask them because even if they say no, being hungry is better than having a broken microwave and still being hungry.

2. A Fail of My Little Brother's 
Okay so my little brother has had a lot of fails throughout his life. He was a really wild kid(still is) and he was always doing crazy stuff. One example is the time he was in my parents' room and he was playing on my mother's exercise ball and he decided to stand up on it. He manage to stand up but then it rolled and he lost his balance and fell but not before cracking his head on their closet door and the closet taking a bit of skin with it. Because of that my father called him Scarface and everyone else called him Triple Eyebrow(because the scar made it look like he had another eyebrow). That's not it though. Right when the scar was healing he was playing around in our dining room turned storage room and my youngest sister's rocking horse was there. So, yup, you guessed it: he decided to stand up on that too. Needless to say, he fell and reopened the same exact scar from last time. I don't wanna use text lingo in a blog but smh, really. 

3. Another Fail(actually fall) of Mine
This one was actually from not so long ago, like 3 years ago. One day I was skipping down the stairs. With socks on. You already know what happened next. I slipped and fell down 3/4 of the stairs. When I finally landed on the floor under the stairs I rolled in pain for a bit. Then I got up, still hurting, and tried to walk it off. A couple minutes later I was rolling again, this time figuratively and this time with laughter. I was laughing so hard at how epic that fall was and how dumb I was for skipping down the stairs. Sadly I was the only one laughing, and the fact that it was hysterical laughter just made me look even more like a nut-job. 

Well that's all the epic fails I can remember for now. There've been more throughout my childhood and my life but I'll save those for another time(like when I actually remember them). Or I could tell you about the funny stories of my little brother's whippings. It was always funny when he was getting whipped. Not because we find it funny seeing someone get hit but because there was a lot that happened before he got hit. I'm gonna end on that note and let you just imagine. 

Oh, and if you did want to know what was up in the past week, here's the brief version: Thursday was my official last day as an apprentice, Friday we went to ImagjnOn to have them take pictures of our outfits for the museum they will be in and also Laila met her model. Saturday we had a barbecue with my grandparents because my father will be leaving tomorrow so we wanted to do something special. Sunday we almost went to a volunteer meeting in order to help out during Fashion Week but we were running way late and we decided to just forget it. That's pretty much it, anything before Thursday wasn't really that memorable. Also because Thursday was our last day at Miles Interior we decided to take a picture with two of the volunteer helpers there and here it is: 
The pictures are a little blurry, I know. Anyway, that's us with Belle and Brendan who are actually dating. They are both pretty cute and stuff and very nice especially Belle.  

Oh, and I almost forgot, Thursday we also went to Paul Mitchell the school and and can I just say "Wow!" It was amazing and everyone's hair was cool and they all wear black which was just awesome. I loved it. 

So that's it, hope you enjoyed today's random blog and everything. Signing off for now, annyeong, bye, adiós, au revoir, sayonara, ma'a salaama!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Winning, Love, and a whole lot more Giveaways

So, Saturday was the grand tournament at ImaginOn library. It was pretty nice. I played against the winners from two other branches and this time I actually had quite a bit of competition. Nevertheless, I won!! Yeah, I didn't get anything though. The only prize they had was the same game they gave out as a prize at each branch. I didn't think that I had a need for 2 Scrabble Slam card games so I said no thanks.(She asked me if I wanted it so no I didn't just say: I already won that so no thanks).

What I'm really thinking is that they should've had a better prize. I mean, at my library I won the Scrabble Slam, a book, and Dots candy. At ImaginOn, I won nothing! Well, I could've won another card game but why? I they knew that the game was being given out at the different branches as a prize then why would they have that for the grand prize as well? Anyway, enough complaining, I'm really happy I won. 

Okay so on the topic of love: I really love my father. I mean, he can be hella aggravating at times but he'll always be the man that raised me and takes care of me and just makes sure I have whatever I want. 

Yesterday we had a little talk. You see, Saturday night, I'd fallen asleep early. Forgot to make salaat, clean my area, all that stuff. So everybody keeps coming to wake me up and I'm all like "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming" and then 10 seconds later "Zzzzz" So my father was apparently calling me to clean my area and I'm like "Yes?!" "Zzzzz" "Yes?!" "Zzzzz"(I was really sleepy). So finally he yells at me all hard and angry like and that's when I wake up and I'm like "WTF is his problem?" And I'm all super pissed because I'm being yelled at and I'm tired and I so don't feel like cleaning. So I went up front all huffy, cleaned my area all huffy, even said nastily to my mom "I got this" when she was cleaning up some stuff around my area. I was in a super mood. At some point during the cleaning my father(asking everyone else I assume) said "Is she cleaning up yet?" and I snapped "Yes" at him. So my mom calmly came and talked to me and was all like: "Why are you mad?" And "You knew you had to clean up and stuff before you went to bed" and I wasn't really feeling like hearing that at the moment so I was just half answering and half ignoring her. What she didn't understand though was that I didn't have answers to her questions. I wasn't mad at anyone, I was mad at everyone and no one at the same time. I was just pissed for no reason. So I finished my area and then made salaat and went back to bed.

So then yesterday afternoon my father called me and was like "I know we've been bumping heads lately but I just want you to know I love you" and I was like "I love you too" but I guess I looked super confused because he was like "You don't think we've been bumping heads?" And I'm like "Not really" and then he mentioned the previous night and I was like "Oh, that? I don't like being woken up so quickly after I've fallen asleep and I get super mad no matter who is waking me up." And he was like "Oh, well I'm glad you told me that because last night I was mad I was like 'All I do for them and I just ask them to clean up, etc...'" Then he was like "It's good that we had this talk, it's true that sometimes you just need to talk it out." So yeah, if you ever have a bump in your relationship with anyone, just talk it out, it won't hurt. 

But anyway, what I wanted to say, was that I really love my father and I am grateful for everything he's done for me and for our family and he's really a great dad. 

So on a completely different note, I so should not have gotten a personal Instagram. I mean ever since I got it I've been taking more pictures. It gets a little silly sometimes. Honestly though, I don't take that much more pictures so it's cool. 

A good thing about getting a personal Instagram is... giveaways! Sometimes I feel guilty about entering all these giveaways but then I think, I'm not guaranteed to win any of these so even if I don't win all but I at least win one of the giveaways I'm in then I'm good. 

So yeah, I guess that's it, gotta go so singing off for now, bye, annyeong, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, ma'a salaama!!!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, August 12, 2013

Scrabble Tournament, Fashionable Items, and Sports Hating Me

So today was a teen Scrabble Tournament at my library. I was so excited for a long time because last year I didn't go because I didn't think anyone would show up. However, I figured if they're doing it again this year then that means: People Showed Up!!!

Spoiler Alert; they didn't :( 

So yeah, it was basically me, Jawaad, Laila, and the two volunteers that were helping out for the event. Only one volunteer played and she played against Jawaad while I played against Laila. Then I won against Laila and the volunteer won against Jawaad so I ended up playing the volunteer and I won! 

Above is the final board(top left), score sheets from both games(top right) and my prizes(bottom). It was pretty awesome and it'll be even more awesome going to the final tournament and playing against all the winners from the different branches. I can't wait! 

So besides that, in my last blog I left off saying how we were going to Glitter and bowling. Here's how Glitter went: 

Awesome! I was in awe of the store and was nearly overwhelmed in what to get and all that. Here's what I ended up with:

1. A heart necklace that I am actually wearing right now, it comes with earrings but I'm not wearing those right now.

2. Feather earrings which, by the way, I have been wanting for a while because they are so awesome and cute! 

3. A bow headband. I have been wanting a new headband to do this style that I like to do with my purdah(niqab, veil): 

So yeah, it's über cute and I love it! <3

4. Eyeshadow palette. It only has 10 colors but I've been needing a new one because mine is running out and I'm actually glad it has ten different colors because I get a variety of colors and not just one set of purples or a matched set for a certain look. 

So yeah, I only got 4 things because I was under the impression that my mother was giving us $5 each only to spend there and she was but she'd forgot to give mine to me so I ended up paying for it myself. I'm still wondering if I should ask her to get back $5 or if I should just drop it. 

So now about bowling: 

Yup, you guessed it: terrible! Okay not completely terrible but not that great either. Here's how it went:

When we first got there, our friends were already in the thick of playing(we were late) and one family had to go home soon after we came. So they were trying to hurry up and finish their games. 

So when they finished their games and paid then that family left and everyone else who had been with them were quite tired and didn't want to play anymore. So we ended up playing with ourselves and another sister that we came with. It went: Me, Laila, Ummi, and the sister; Jibreel, Jawaad and their friend Humzah(who actually rode with us); Sakina and the sister's little kids, Abdullah and Eesaa. 

So anyway, while they were setting up the games, I went and dipped to the bathroom really quick. Laila then came and told me that I needed to hurry up because it was my turn. So I hurried and when I came back, my mother had already played my turn! My first time bowling and I didn't even get to play my first turn! Anyway, so after that all I could do was suck it up and wait for my next turn to come around. When it finally did I actually got 8 pins on the first bowl and 1 on one the second. That was pretty good for my first bowl. However, after that, the sporting inability struck again and I got gutterball after gutterball. Another sister that was there used to be a pro bowler so she gave us some advice and said that we shouldn't focus on the middle pin but the middle line and try to bowl directly on that line. Even after that tidbit of advice, no matter how hard I tried, more gutterballs. I think I had 4 turns worth of gutterballs. After that I got another 8 but I didn't get anything in the second try. Then I got a couple more gutterballs and a few more pins knocked down and then towards the end of the game I got a strike! Then right after(because you get two turns even if you get a strike I got nine pins but I didn't get a spare. I was feeling very happy with that. After that I did hit a little more, I think, because my final score was 54(that rhymes). Not a very good score but not too bad for a beginner. 

I think Laila ended up winning our game but I don't know about the rest of the games. 

So yeah, that's my little update on life. I might or might not go bowling again, who knows? I'm definitely planning on going to Glitter again though. 

So, signing off for now, bye, salaams, au revoir, adiós, annyeong, sayonara!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

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