Wednesday, June 26, 2013

'Twas a Beautiful Summer Day

'Twas a beautiful Summer day. 
My friends and I went out to play
We frolicked about having fun. 
Then laid down to enjoy the sun. 
We looked up longingly at the clouds.
"I wish to fly" we said aloud. 
Not in a jet or in a plane
With my own wings flapping again and again. 
We went inside when darkness reached the sky. 
Though that night we all dreamt that we'd done it: Fly! 

That poem was off the top of my head. Literally flowed out just now. Hope you like it! 

I just thought maybe I should update my blog with a little something. Haven't been up to much recently. Just going to Teen Fashion Apprentice events, working on my design, and reading. That's about it. 

Well that's my little update on my life. Signing off now, bye, annyeong, salaams, au revoir, hasta luego, sayonara! 

Sumiyya <3 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let There be Light! and Internet...

Today we were sitting in the house and my father had gone out to do some stuff with his motorcycle(change the battery and stuff like that). He'd left the door open and we'd heard a male voice talking to him. Something about "shutting it off". I relayed what he was talking about to my mother and she was like: "It must be the electricity." So after a few minutes, true to his words, the guy shut off our electricity taking with it our lights, Internet, and stove(not that we were going to be doing any cooking at the time).

So after the guy left, my father hurries up and calls the company, pays the bill and gets informed that they will turn it on in about half an hour. Well, they lied. More like 5 and a half hours. 

So we sat around in Internetlessness for a bit(mostly reading) and then went to the library(we were planning to anyway). When we came back, it was even darker of course but still light enough to get a bit of reading in. So we did, until we couldn't. Well, some people got out the rechargeable lights and used those to read. I just took Kana and French quizzes on my iPod. 

My father had recalled the people and they said that the Internet would be on between then and midnight. Midnight! We debated going to my grandparents' house even though they're not there only my aunt is. We didn't go but it still kept getting darker. 

Finally, about 10 minutes ago, I heard someone outside. My mom went to see if it was the guy and it was. She said to shh and keep it a secret from my father(who was feeling bad for forgetting the date the payment was due) so it would surprise him. She flicked the main switch on and yes! Whatever lights that had been left on shone again and the house hummed to life. 

Experiences like this aren't so bad. They make you think and also make you remember. 

Sumiyya <3 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Woodsy Effect"

So since we moved to this house, keeping the yard straight has been a pain. However, we've been grooming our yard regularly just like everyone else on the street. There was just one thing: leaves. 

You see, there are a lot of trees right by and behind our house. We are the only people on the street with such a problem. I mean, everyone else has little cute trees in their yards to deal with while  we are stuck with a mini forest. :(( 

In fact, this past winter, we had to clean up all the leaves left from the fall. Do you know how many bags we used on just the front yard? 31 or 32! Crazy, right? 

When the people came to our house to inspect a little problem we'd had, we told them about the yard troubles. They said: "People like this house for the woodsy effect." Really, though? Because this "woodsy effect" has sorta been getting on our nerves. 

However, when the woodsy effect lets you take pictures like: 


I think I can live with it. :) 

Pictures taken and edited(through Instagram) by Sumiyya Abdul-Rasheed. All rights reserved. Lol :P 

Signing off for now, bye, annyeong, salaam, au revoir, sayonara, adiós!!

Sumiyya <3 

Birthday Freebies!

So my brother's birthday was 2 days ago. You already know that though since I made a blog post dedicated to him. Anyway, we'd signed up for free ice cream for him at both Rita's and Baskin Robin's. He didn't go collect it at either. :( Well, he had good reason: my father had the car all day and when he finally came back, Jawaad had to go to practice so...

Anyway, I decided that on my birthday I would fully take advantage of such offers. So I thought, why not see what other birthday freebie offers there are? I could get a boatload of stuff, for free! Yes, I am so cheap and shallow. :P

So I'm going to go on the quest and post here what freebies I've found and signed up for.

1. Ben and Jerry's Free Ice Cream:
Oh, yeah! I had free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's for Free Ice Cream Day and I loved it! I do kinda feel bad though because if I go here, it'd be the second time I came only to get free ice cream.

2. Sephora Free Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo:
So I was hoping there'd be free stuff besides food. And there is! I'm so happy that this is free because all the other birthday deals were like: 20% off, 10 % off, etc.. and I'm like: "No, gimme the free!"

3. Krispy Creme Free Doughnut and Small Coffee or Fountain Drink
Ooh, free donut and drink, I'm defs gonna go for this one.

4. IHOP Free Pancake or Meal
Skip the meal but I've been wanting to try IHOP pancakes for a while.

5. Planet Smoothie
Ooh, smoothie! It may be at South Park but I so wanna go!

Ok, so the hunt will go on tomorrow because I have to catch the train called beauty sleep. So, signing off for now, bye, salaam, annyeong, au revoir, sayonara, adios!!

Sumiyya <3

P.S. no, I don't celebrate my birthday, I just like free stuff :P

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to Teenhood

Well, today my brother Jawaad turns 13. So I'm making a blog post dedicated to him.

Jawaad, you are a great brother, a pain at times, always have your mind set, sometimes rude, you're awkward and silly, and then you're mature and smart. Sometimes I can't stand you and others I can't live without you. This is my welcome to Teenhood, this emotional roller coaster, this time of rebellion and mixed up feelings, can also be a time of happiness. I wish you the best with your teendom. 생일축하해요 Waadi!

Sumiyya <3

Monday, June 10, 2013


I did my nails today, I did my nails today!

Yup, today was one of those days when I get to paint my nails and so I fully took advantage. I decided to do a nail art design as I wanted to enter the Sally Hansen nail art contest. 

Unluckily for me, only after I submitted my design did I actually read the rules an they said each month has a theme and this month's theme is: Texture. So my sister and I came up with an idea: I can do a textured design on her nails and she can submit it! So that's what we will do, tomorrow. Until then I'll be waiting. But it's okay, I'll just admire my own nails in the meantime. 

Also guess what! You can admire them too: 

Whaddya think? Pretty cute right? If you don't think so I don't mind. :) 

Anyway, signing off for now, I'll be back tomorrow with Laila's nail art design(after it's submitted of course). Well then bye, annyeong, sayonara, adieu, ciao, adiós, ma'a salaama!!! 

Sumiyya <3 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Misadventures of Temple Ox Abdul-Rasheed

Yesterday, someone we know gave us a box turtle that they found.

 My brother, Jawaad, came in and asked if we wanted a turtle, said someone was giving us a turtle.  I said no but everyone else said yes so we ended up getting the turtle. They decided to name it Temple because its shell looks like Temple Run and also Ox because he's a box turtle and they couldn't very well call him box(their words). So Temple Ox it was. 

So they brought him in and put him in their small tub we have. However, he kept trying to get out the tub and nearly succeeded a couple of times. We would snap at him each time to teach him not to do that. 

Today, when my sister and I came back from shopping with my mother(she dropped us off to go elsewhere), Laila goes to see Temple and he's not there. So she asks Jawaad where he is. He says he's where he should be but Laila and I both knew that he wasn't. So we told Jawaad that he was gone and so we decided he must be around the house somewhere. So Laila went down the hall to look and was shocked to find him: on her bed?! Crazy right? 

They decided that they would hurry up and make a habitat for him but while they were doing that, I had to watch him to make sure he didn't get away again. He tried really hard and even succeeded once but I got him back in and made it so he couldn't go out again. Not that he still didn't try. XD 

Well, now they've taken him to put him in his habitat. I still think we really don't need a turtle what with all the other pets we currently have. 

Well, that's the misadventure of Temple Ox. Signing off for now, byee!!

Sumiyya <3

Friday, June 7, 2013

Why I Want(need :P) a Laptop

A lot of kids and adults and teens in this generation "need" a laptop, a phone, a game system, etc... Well, I know that I don't "need" a laptop but here are a few reasons why I want one.

1. Sharing: So my siblings and I share two desktop computers. One Mac Mini and one ancient(not really) HP computer. My brothers run these. I have to admit, I use to be kind of a computer hog myself back before I got my iPod but was I that bad? I wouldn't know. These boys are on practically from dusk to dawn to dusk again. They hardly let anyone get on unless they're gone playing with their friends or one of them is on the iPad which they steal from Sakina(my baby sis, I don't mind using names). 

2. Location: Sometimes I just wanna chill in my room but I need to use a computer for something my iPod cannot do. So I have to drag myself up front and sit in front of the computer(if no one's on) on a seat that sooo isn't as comfortable as my bed. Not fun at all. :( 

3. Privacy: I don't look up or look at anything bad or whatever but sometimes I don't want people to see what I'm doing. Take for instance when I'm reading a manga and the characters kiss. It's kinda awkward if someone comes and sees you reading that. Or if your fave YouTuber decides to twerk it a bit on screen, totally awkward. Or if a K-Pop boy band you're watching decided to do pelvic thrusts in their song, super duper mega awkward(esp. if parents see XD). So maybe I don't want everyone to be able to look over my shoulder and see what I'm looking at. 

4. Accounts: Everyone in my household has a different account, of course. So when you go to one of your social media sites to check stuff you sure as hell don't really wanna see someone else's stuff up, right? And then have to log them out an sign yourself in. *Sigh* Or when you accidentally leave your account up and now Pucca, Rap Songs, and My Little Pony show up in your YouTube recommendation list(Thanks Jibreel and Sakina, thanks a lot). 

5. My iPod: So you've probably been hearing me mention this a lot on this post. Yes, I have an iPod. However, iPods do not: A. Have flash player(curse them!) B. Have the ability to withstand the bandwidth of the full site when the mobile site is just not giving you what you need. C. Have email and writing enhancers. Yes, I am a cutesy color email writing kinda gal and so I need my colors and my fonts and guess what, iPods don't have that either. *Sigh* 

So basically, don't judge me when I say I want a laptop. 

Okay to end this post off on a better note: I'm working on a song! You see, I write poetry a lot but sometimes I experiment with song writing. Of course mine isn't written with notes because I don't know how to read those, let alone write them. 

I've only got a short part of the song so far: I recorded myself singing that part and I wish I could share it here but unfortunately you can only email the recording. :( 

Here's how it goes: 

I guess I've never been
The type of person
To cAll you up when I'M feeling dOoown 
To Open my heart and LEt my feelings Ouut. 

I guess I don't wanna let them show. 
I just suck it up and let it go~
Oh, oh, oh, oh~
I just suck it up and let it go. 

That's it. :) I'm thinking of adding more to the first verse. I mean, you gotta have quite a bit of something there before you get to the chorus, right? Btw, the capital letters are to show a higher pitch. I capitalized the M in I'm because the I is capitalized anyway so you wouldn't know  that that part is supposed to be higher pitched. 

Well, anyway, bye for now! Annyeong, Ciao, Au Revoir(I realized I've been saying Salut which really doesn't mean bye), Adiós, Sayonara(I knew Konichiwa didn't really mean bye either but I had forgot what did and now I remember), Salaam, Byeee! 

Sumiyya <3

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Involvement in Social Media

Okay so I, like pretty much everyone else in my generation, am engrossed in social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. All of these sites, however have different purposes for me.

Facebook: I use Facebook when I want to sign up for stuff. Just a click of a button and that's it. So easy! Also, I use Facebook when I want to share something to people. Lastly I use Facebook to stalk people(shhh, it's a secret). Not really. Facebook is made for stalking. Anyway, what I really mean is that I look at what's going on in my friends' lives and also enjoy funny, awesome, or random stuff that they post. 

Twitter: Since no one really follows me on Twitter, I use Twitter as my outlet. I can say whatever I feel and no one I know sees me say it. It's not bad stuff about them, just stuff I want to get off my chest without them seeing or judging. I also use Twitter when there is a giveaway and you can win an entry by following the person/company. 

Google+: I use Google+ when I wanna laugh, find good K-Pop songs to listen to and hot/cute K-Pop guys to look at, see cute cat pictures, or connect with my fellow Muslims who love Islam. 

When I want to talk to somebody I usually turn to either Facebook or my sister. Except when neither are available in which case, I talk to myself(yes, I'm crazy). Just kidding, I don't talk to anyone. I just keep my thoughts to myself and read a book. 

So basically this is my involvement in social media. That's all. Bye, Annyeong, Konichiwa, Ciao, Salut, Adiós, Salaams!!!

Sumiyya <3 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Painting a Picture

Hi! Painting a picture in someone's mind is hard. Like I'd love to paint a picture to you of yesterday's outfit which I abso-friggin'-lutely loved! However, it might be quite hard. I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to go girly(or girlish as said by a friend of mine) and wear a dress. Unfortunately, I don't have the kind of flouncy, girly dress I was thinking of so here's what I came up with: 

I wore a plain white tee(like the band! XD), 3/4 sleeved. Over it I wore my sister's flouncy light blue patterned skirt(the pattern is an exotic funky mix of dark blue and white) that I love. I wore it as a mini dress. I tied a belt around the waist to define the shape and so it wouldn't look frumpy. Luckily the waistband of the skirt was pretty tight and held on firmly above my chest(I call it this because the other words sound so nasty(ooh, you so nasty! EYK ref FTW)). So then because I couldn't very well go around the house with a make-shift minidress on and my bare legs showing(or could I? No, I couldn't), I wore some regular blue jeggings(I don't mind wearing pants with dresses but sometimes I like to wear jeggings). I accessorized with just my sparkly heart earrings and that was all. That was my outfit for yesterday.

My outfit today isn't as grand so I don't feel like I need to tell so I'll just go ahead and sign off for now. Bye, Salaam, Ciao, Annyeong, Salut, Adiós!!! 

Sumiyya <3

Monday, June 3, 2013

Can't Sleep :(

To sleep or not to sleep. Well I think to sleep because otherwise I'll be tired and cranky tomorrow/today. Well since I'm awake right now anyway I thought it'd be ok to update my blog with something and what better than to introduce my poetry? So here goes:

In a sleepless daze
My body will not behave
I will to sleep but it will not lie
So I will it to weep but it will not cry.

What can I do, will I be stuck like this forever?
The mere thought makes me shiver. 
I need to end this, very fast.
I cannot let myself stay like this, I cannot let it last. 

I will force myself to rest
With all of my might
You know I won't give up without a fight. 
I'll make myself sleep on this sleepless night.

I don't know if it's all that good but there's the poem. Now I must do what I have said in the poem and force myself to go to sleep so I'll get enough rest for tomorrow which is Monday. So peace out, annyeong, bonne nuit, buenos noches, oyasumi nasai, byeeee and good night!!!

Sumiyya <3