Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Volunteering Has Come to an End

What's up?

I know it is Thursday, not Monday, and I'm super late but today is the best day to be writing this because Summer Volunteering is all over and we had the party and now I can tell you all about it. Yay! :D

So Tuesday was our last day of volunteering. I mostly pulled holds and checked them in(by myself which was super awesome since it was my first time doing so) and then I started shelving them but then was called to cut some crafts. Monday I did a craft table pretty much all shift long but it was okay.

Tuesday was also the day that everyone found out if they won one the Summer Reading grand prizes. A friend I made while volunteering won a Chromebook. Sweet, right? Sadly, I did not win an iPad Mini. I was really hoping to but alas, not a winner. Although my father says that if we really want it we can get one in November. I don't really want it that much though. If anything I want an iPhone 5s but as that is pricy and requires also getting phone service I shall hang tight and just Swagbuck until I have enough to where we can go half and half at the least.Speaking of Swagbucks, I've been meaning to put a referral link in my blog. If you're reading this then definitely click on it and sign up. There's a team challenge going on right now so if you hurry up and join then you'll be on a team and you'll get even more swagbucks. Here's my referral link right here and if you sign up you can come back to my blog and here's the link to the team challenge and also on the homepage there is a search quest thing and you can join that too and possibly win 500 swagbucks which is the equivalent of $5.

Anyway, back to volunteering and all that, yesterday was, as you know, the Teen Summer Volunteer Appreciation Party!!! I got my clothes ready nearly a week prior and was just waiting so long for it to happen. So I woke up yesterday and I studied and I did some other stuff and basically just waited for it to be 3 so I could take a shower and then get ready at four. So when all that finally happened, I got ready, did my makeup, put on my outfit everything and we were this close to being out the door and my Quran teacher called. it was 4:40 and I knew I'd be done pretty quick so I answered, read my surahs, and was out the door. We got there and then signed the card for Mrs. Rebecca(who's leaving to another branch, so sad. :( She and Ms.Tiffany are two of my favorite librarians so it's sad to see her go) and then went inside and joined the party. It was totally fun. We ate pizza(just one slice because I wasn't really hungry) and cupcakes, which were delish and had these cute toothpicks/topper-things on them:

Then we played trivia in between listening to songs. I won one(how many strings does a violin have?) and got some rubber band things that make those rubber band bracelets.I gave them to Laila since she's been wanting to make them for a while.

Then, after the trivia and all that we moved the tables and played some games(some people played Apples to Apples, some Jenga, and Laila and I rotated with other people playing Just Dance). It was really fun.

Before we started Just Dance though, we did the drawing for the TNT prizes. I think it was Semayt who ended up winning the iPod shuffle and then after that they drew smaller prizes such as earbuds and can cups(Laila won one!):


So then after all the prize drawings we played and talked the party away and then it was time to go and Jibreel came to get us so we all(including Jibreel) helped put stuff away and then we grabbed our goodie bags(filled with sweets ^o^), exchanged emails and stuff and left. 

So all in all it was a fun experience. I can't believe it's all over now. I'm going to miss volunteering and everyone I volunteered with(especially since I'll be moving InshaAllah). I'm going to try and keep in touch with everyone.

I thank Mrs. Rebecca and Ms. Tiffany for choosing me and Laila to be volunteers and I'm so glad I had such a wonderful experience. 

Thanks for reading and for bearing with my lateness throughout this Summer. I hope your summer was full of fun things and awesome experiences. I wonder what next summer will bring.

Oh, almost forgot. Here's what  I wore, what Laila wore, and a group picture(yes, I screenshot it from IG and uploaded it to my laptop). Enjoy!


Signing off for now, ma'a salaama, annyeong, adios, au revoir, sayonara, bye!! >o<

                Sumiyya <3