Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Hello you!

As you may know, I only post on Mondays so you know what that means: this is the last post of 2013! Can you believe it? The year has come and find so fast. So many memories. *Tears up*

So since today is my last blog of 2013, I thought I'd reflect on they year thus far. 

I can't remember much of when the year first started out because I have a horribly sucky memory but I'll recant the things I do remember and my reflections on those.

The fashion show: This is the point from which I can really remember things. 
The fashion show was really nice. Trying to find things to use as recyclable material was totally hard and when I won in the top three I was so happy. 
My reflection from that is that if you out your mind to it, sometimes you can succeed. Also that my mother has a great eye for things. 

The Charlotte Seen fashion show: That fashion show was so hype. It was so cool and so awesome and everyone brought it hard. Plus so many people saw us and complimented us on our stuff and it was really nice. My reflection from this was that just because you dress a certain way, doesn't mean you can't roll big and do what you want.

The award ceremony: The award ceremony was okay. I didn't like standing for what seemed like forever, with no drinks and no food. We didn't win and it kinda crushed us but we were okay. My reflection on this: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, just don't let it get you down. 

Ramadhan: This Ramadhan I think I really did well. I know I tried my best and made sure I was always doing ibaadat and reading Quran and everything. InshaAllah everything was accepted. I really hope so.

Eid al Fitr: This year we spent Eid in Xenia and I loved it. It was so nice spending Eid with all of the Xenia people and I was so happy. We went bowling, to a nikah, and to Glitter too. My reflections from this: Xenia people are very loving and tight knit and Charlotte just doesn't compare. 

Eid al Adha: Eid al Adha this year was sad. We couldn't go to the Eid salaat because they were making it on the wrong date so we had to go somewhere else where they were doing it on the right date and the girls didn't get to make salaat because only men were there.  Then the rest of the days we did the same things we usually do every day. We didn't get to slaughter because we were dead broke. There was nothing special about it and it saddened me so much. The only silver lining was that we went and got chocolate milkshakes from McDonalds and we hadn't done that in so long. My reflection: We really need to actually celebrate the special days that Allah gave to us in at least some way. 

Life this year: I won't say what but this year something got me really down and I confided in my sister about it and her knowing really helped me. My reflections: Sometimes friends are all you need. Especially best friends like my sister Laila. I love her and she doesn't know how happy I am that she's been there for me. 

So basically there have been a lot of moments and memories in this year even though the year seems to have gone by so fast. I am excited for the new year and I hope you, whoever is reading had a great year and will have an awesome year in 2014. 

Signing off for 2013, annyeong, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, ma'a salaa, byeeeee!! Many hugs and kisses for you if you are reading this and/or have been reading for a while. I really appreciate anyone who actually takes the time to read my pointless blog. 

Sumiyya <3

P.S. My penpal mentioned this and I realized that I'd totally forgotten until this point but one thing I also did in 2013 was go with my family to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory and that was very fun and I really liked it and I'm very glad we got to go and experience something so fun. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

So Busy

Hello you!

I know, I know, I didn't post last week but there's a huge reason for that: I've been busy. 난 정말 바빠-Nan jeongmal bappa(Korean for "I'm really busy").

Last week I was Internetless at my grandparent's new new house and their old new house. I was helping them move, for the second time.  -__-

Anyway, I decided I wouldn't even bother writing a make up blog on Tuesday and I'd just write today. 

Although, I've been busy today too. In fact, I'm still busy. I just decided to take a quick break and write this blog just so it wouldn't be a repeat of last week. 

If you're wondering what I'm busy with this week it's homework. Honestly we haven't done homework for 2 weeks because we've all been slacking a little. This week we're getting back on the ball. So today I had to do a lot of writing down stuff and since I changed books today as well(new books pictured below) I had a whole bunch more stuff to do. *Sigh*

So yeah, new history, new biology, just in time for the semester change. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope I'll have a better blog post for you, whoever you are, to read and not just one explaining why I've been gone. 

So that's it, signing off for now 'cause I still got more stuff to do, annyeong, sayonara, adiós, au revoir, ma'a salaama, bye-byeeeee!!! ^__~

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Home Alone(Well, Sorta)

Hello to you!

Today is Monday and I am back again with the highlight of the previous week: I stayed at home (nearly) alone. 

Last week my brother had an orientation to go to in Ohio for his college. Now, the week before the week before last week we had gone on another road trip to Fayetteville which is only 3 hours away. Sakina and Jawaad had to sit in the trunk and this is often uncomfortable(I would know) so we were trying to find ways to make it work for the trip to Ohio which is 8 hours away. My father even suggested renting a car. However, out money has been a bit tight so that idea was dismissed. 

Then, just a week before we were about to leave, my mother asked Laila and I if we wouldn't mind staying home. We said "No, we don't mind"(We have no one to see in Xenia anyway) and so just like that, it was done. We were staying here. Also, auntie Keena was to come and watch over us while we did. 

So they left at 3:45 Thursday morning and we slept until 8:00. Then we got up and started cleaning up everything my mother wanted cleaned before our Auntie came, including her room.(Pictured Below)

This is my sister's and my finished progress. We were quite happy with ourselves. Anyway, we cleaned done other things after that and then took a break and found a show to watch called Hot in Cleveland. It was pretty funny and we were hooked. So we marathonned Hot in Cleveland in between our cleaning. 

So when my aunt arrived she pretty much just went into my parents room and fell asleep. It was fine. She gets pretty tired and worn out because she has Sickle Cell. 

Anyway, so from Thursday to Saturday we were parent and sibling free and we lived it up. We watched Hot in Cleveland nearly nonstop, we ate moderately and didn't have to worry about the food not being there later. We got lost in Target. Well not really lost, per se, just not with my aunt and she ended up having the people page us twice. We didn't hear either one. Target obviously needs to up it's intercom system. Oh, yeah, and we gorged on chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes. Homemade, I might add. That frosting is to die for. It's so good and yet so bad for you but I love it. 

Anyway, we mainly had a relaxed type of fun that usually evades us when family is around. 

So that was my parent-free weekend. No parties, just me and my sister and my aunt doing our own thing. 

That's about it. Signing off for now, bye, sayonara, ma'a salaama, adiós, au revoir, annyeongggg!!!

Sumiyya <3 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Math Homework

If you didn't know, I got a new math book a couple of weeks ago. It's A Saxon math book and it's really pretty. Here's what it looks like:

So the point of this blog is that: it's becoming increasingly harder for me to do math homework on time. Not because it's hard or anything but because it's boring. 

Don't get me wrong, I love math. I love challenging myself, learning new procedures, and getting answers right. However, what I don't like is repeating the same stuff over and over again. I know that's how you learn things but it just gets so boring.

Well, since I have no control over it, I'll stop complaining. I'm sure it'll get better, plus it's math, how could I hate it?

So since today's blog is math themed I will leave you with a page from my math book and a simple equation. This equation will be simple but remember the rules of math because I've seen people post equations like this and there's a difference of opinion because some people don't do the procedure correctly. 

That being said, the equation is:

6 + 4 x 5 = ?

I'm not putting parentheses because that will make it easier and what's the fun in that? :D 

Oh, and here's a page from my new math book: 

So, I'll be signing off for now, annyeong, sayonara, au revoir, adiós, bye, salaams!! 

Sumiyya <3